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Are you looking for a non slip mat to provide a secure and safe environment? Then you're in luck. Our Anti-Slip Matting helps reduce the chances of well…slipping! With area’s prone to wet flooring, these mats can provide a safe and secure flooring to prevent slips and falls. With anti slip matting for both internal and external usage, you can cover your whole premises with anti-slip matting! Although that may be a bit extreme, having the correct matting in place is vital for health and safety.


All of our anti-slip mats are manufactured to the highest of qualities to provide a durable matting solution. Within our range, we have sourced a wide range of non slip matting to create a safe working environment for all. From behind a bar to a production line, this anti slip matting provides a safe workstation that reduces the chances of slips. 

To ensure our mats will guarantee a safe working environment. We have put all of our anti slip mats through a slip resistance test (Slip Resistance Test EN13552) and at the end of the test they get an rating. This rating will give you the reassurance that these products will help prevent slips in a wet working environment. Included within our range are anti slips rolls and interlocking tiles to cover large area's such as swimming pools and changing rooms. 

A vast range of anti-slip mats for all

All of our anti-slip mats provide a non slip flooring solution for a variety of locations in need of a secure flooring alternative. With a range of unique properties, our non slip mats have the ability to provide a safe matting alternative with the ability to reduce slips and falls. Within our anti slip range, we have included a multitude of products that are guaranteed to provide slip resistant surface. 

If you require an anti-slip mat that is highly versatile. Our Rampmat Deluxe is ideal anti slip mat for you. With it's ability to provide a sturdy flooring system, it can suit a range of workplaces such as industrial workstation, welding bays and production lines. Included within the mat are drainage holes that ensure that any spills are trapped within the mat to ensure that slips and falls are reduced. This unique feature is why this anti-slip mat is popular nightclubs and behind a bar, not forgetting it's 19mm thickness acts as a great cushioned barrier between the floor. 

Whilst all of our anti slip mats can provide a secure and safe surface. Our Worksafe Mat does this and more. Its unique design ensures that not only is this mat resistant to water, it’s also grease proof.  Which is ideal for automotive and engineering industries where oils and grease are inevitable.

Why is anti-slip matting so important?

  1. Provides a safe working environment - Not only does this matting help combat fatigue, it additionally reduces the chance of accidents. If you work in environments where moisture and wet flooring is inventible. We recommend to consider using anti slip matting to improve safety. 
  2. Versatile features - Our anti slip matting can be placed in a variety of locations. Whether it be on the exterior or interior of your business, this matting will perform to the highest of standards. However, it's important to check descriptions before you purchase to double check the mats properties. 
  3. Boosts productivity/morale - Matting is well known for it's abilities to reduce fatigue. Whilst this improves productivity due to relieving pressure of achy limbs, with the bonus of anti-slip properties within the matting. It will ensure that staff will benefit and improve productivity and morale. 

From anti-slip properties to combating fatigue, our non slips can do it all. With descriptions located within the product brief, we recommend using these descriptions to figure out which mat suits your requirements the best. However, for additional help our trained sales team are seconds away via live chat.