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Anti-static mats, also known as ESD Mats, are a great way to protect equipment and users from electrostatic discharges. Without any, a sudden electrical discharge could damage any electrical equipment being worked on and injure any employee involved.

Installing Anti Static Mats

ESD Mats are ideal for installing with workbenches and assembly areas. Matting can either be placed on the floor to help provide some additional anti-slip qualities or on a worktop to help protect electronic components as well. Once in place, that mat can either be layed loosely in place or stuck down with adhesive. The material means that the mats should grip and stay in place when layed loosely. For heavy duty industrial areas where trucks and pallets are moving we suggest using adhesive to secure them in place on the floor to avoid any movement.

Anti Static Mats are also ideal for any kind of computer maintenance, on an industrial or domestic level. The components in a PC or laptop are all sensitive to static electricity. This includes motherboards, CPUs, expansion cards and hard drives. Using mating beneath them helps to protect these components from getting damaged whilst they are being repaired or upgraded.