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Wet area matting is vital to ensure the safety of customers & visitors within wet environments. Facilities such as, swimming pools, gyms and spas are prone to wet areas. Without the correct matting in place, accidents are more than likely to happen. This is why wet area mats is a major priority, if ignored wet floors become a major health & safety issue.

So, what can you do to ensure maximum safety for your visitors?

Wet area matting also known as leisure matting is what you need. By including this matting within changing rooms, walkways & areas with large footfall you ensure the safety of customers. Such facilities as swimming pools have rules and regulations about running by pool side, this is due to the wet floors and the high risks of slipping. Wet are mats help reduce this risk and provide a safer environment for customers. Gym matting is ideal for protecting floors and avoiding any slips in weight lifting areas. They will help keep gym goers feet firmly in place and prevent damaged floors if large weights are dropped.

Within our range, we have sourced the best products to provide safe & clean options for your pools and gym facilities. Not only do majority of our mats include anti-slip properties, they are a great way to drain water from certain areas. Which helps improve grip as well as being comfortable on bare feet.

With the amount of foot traffic some public swimming pools get, bacteria can easily build up. However, our Herontile wet area mats include anti-fungal and anti-bacterial additives which counteracts bacteria. This feature ensures that customers aren't walking on dirty mats, which is vital within public places. But not to worry, all of our mats are easily cleaned & maintained.

With many different options, applications and materials. Our range includes many different properties to ensure you find the best match for your facility. So, why not check out what's for offer! For additional help, chat to a member of our team Via live chat!