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Plastic Lockers are ideal for wet indoor environments and outdoor spaces where there's little or no shelter from the weather.

All of our plastic lockers are robust, durable, hygienic and vandal resistant. These key features make this range the perfect alternative to the traditional metal locker. Weather resistant polyethylene is used to construct each plastic locker we sell makes them ideal for outdoor use in any condition or climate. There is no need to worry about rust or corrosion. Each locker compartment has a small drain hole at the bottom corner to allow quick and easy cleaning with a high pressure washer. The polyethylene construction is also hardwearing, capable of standing up to heavy handed daily use and highly resistant to vandalism.

There are a few different Locking options for our plastic and outdoor lockers. They can be fitted with a standard cam lock supplied with 2 keys, or a swivel type lock for use with your own padlocks. The swivel lock is ideal for plastic lockers in primary schools as it doesn't have to be used with a padlock. The swivel lock shape acts as an effective door handle, ideal for small hands.

Plastic Lockers for Indoor Use

The extreme durability of our plastic lockers is one of the reasons they are ideal for indoor use. They are resistant to paint, marks and scratches which means that their quality will be retained for years. Of course they are also ideal for indoor wet and damp areas you might find in schools, leisure centres and swimming pools.

Our eXtreme Plastic Lockers can be used as a modular stacking system - the perfect solution for creating a storage space specifically for your workplace. Standard columns of 1800mm high lockers are easily selected, but you can also create smaller stacked units to fit under window ledges and so on. Sloping tops complete the columns of lockers and ensure you have a litter free area on top of the eXtreme Plastic Lockers. It also means that, when used outdoors, rainwater can run away easily and will not settle on top.

Plastic Outdoor Lockers

If you need storage lockers outside of your premises, our Ultrabox Plus lockers are the most ideal solution for you. They have all the waterproof features of our other lockers in this range but are designed to totally seal out the weather. They combine high quality waterproof seals, plug and lock gaskets to make sure each locker compartment is fully waterproof. These features make them ideal for use in areas including primary school playgrounds or where there is not enough space indoors for locker storage.

Each Ultrabox Plastic Locker comes with a 10 year manufacturers guarantee and 15 year UV protection guarantee giving you great peace of mind. The highly water resistant polyethylene doors and body are also vandal resistant and and extremely graffiti proof.

We also have a mini version of the Ultrabox lockers. At just 900mm in height, they can be nested to create flexible storage to suit a restricted or unusual spaces.