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Our range of Sump Pallets & Spill trays, are ideal for ensuring hazardous chemicals or liquids are safetly contained if spilled. Each spill tray is designed to help avoid majoir clean-ups or accidents. These units can be easily placed within CoSHH cabinets, under machines prone to leak oil or used for countertops. By placing these spill trays in area's prone to leaks and spills, the overall safety of your workplace will increase. 

Within our range, we have included a vast selection of sump pallets and spill trays to ensure that all requirements are met. With spill trays ideal for laboratories due to their design, it ensures that countertops won't be contaminated with potentially harmful chemicals. An perfect example is our Mini Deck Spill Trays, which includes a 5.6L or 11.3L sump tray. 

For more industrial sump pallets, we have Drum Spill Pallets with a 250L sump capacity. These units are ideal in storing oil drums to prevent any leaks causing any slips or falls. Additional features of this product are ramps that help transport the drums onto the spill tray for easy accessibility. Once your spill or leak is contained you can easily dispose of them with minimal mess. Our product range also includes mobile options to help you catch spills while carefully moving containers of liquid.