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Slim Jims are a range of containers, popular for commercial use around the globe. They combine durability and innovation to prove an efficient waste management system suitable for any workplace. Their slim design makes them a great solution for saving space in smaller work environments or fitting into tight spaces. The integrated cinches around the edge of each bin allow for knot-free bin liner changes, making your waste management far easier.

Slim Jim Packs for your workplace

There a few different options for choosing Slim Jim bins that suit your needs. A popular option for areas without a lot of waste to manage is out Slim Jim Starter Packs. These are are a simple and efficient way to offer both recycling and general waste disposal around the workplace. Available in packs of 2 or 3, they are popular waste containers for small offices with a generous 87 litre capacity.

If you know exactly what you need for your workplace we sell all the components for Slim Jim recycling bins separately. This allows you to purchase the base in a variety of colours and pair it with the ideal lid to suit your workplace. Doing this means that you can create a waste management solution that meets your needs exactly. All of the bases are vented which allows for easier removal of full bin liners.

Accessories and other bins

Pair any of these Slim Jim Vented Bins with the trolley or dolly that we offer for a mobile container solution. In a commercial environment this allows for quick and easy transporation for removing waste contents.

We also offer Slim Jim Step-Ons and Wall Mounted Containers. The Step-Ons are stainless steel containers, making them a more durable solution. A Wall Mounted Slim Jim is a great way to save floor space whilst still offering effective recycling and waste disposal.