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Floor marking is an important way to help create a visual workplace which has a clear and safe work flow.

In order to do this a variety of paints and hazard tapes can be used to identify different areas to employees and visitors. These often indicate walkways, safe areas and potentially hazardous places through colour coding. When used correctly, floor markings can reduce confusion, improve site safety and generally improve the efficiency of your workplace.

Planning Your Floor Marking

It is important to carefully plan out your floor markings before attempting to put them in place to ensure your workplace gets the most benefit from them. If you are planning for somewhere such as a warehouse, it is a good idea to speak to individuals working in that space to find out how to best accomodate their work flow and see where you can help improve.

Once you have decided which areas you need to mark you can begin to decide on the colour coding you wish to use. A traffic light system is often popular, using green for safe, yellow for caution and red for no entry. Also, be sure to remember that we have both striped and plain floor tape, an essential for making distinctions obvious for those with certain visual impairments. After this you will know what products you need to carry out these changes, choosing the best from our wide range of floor tapes and paints. We even offer stencils incase you need to display a specific message.

Hazard Tape, Line Marking Paint and Applicators

Floor Marking Tape is the easiest top apply of all of the products we offer. It can put down by hand if needed and can be removed quickly if you need to change the layout of your markings. We offer floor tape applicators which can greatly improve the speed at which you can put the tape down and makes it far easier to lay it down in a straight line. Line Marking Paint requires an applicator to get consistent straight lines but is very easy to apply as a permenant solution.

For advice on the best floor marking solution for your workplace, get in touch over the phone or using our live chat. Our sales team are on hand to make sure you find what you need.