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View our entire range of lockers designed to provide your customers, guest and staff with secure storage.

We have worked closely with UK Locker manufacturers to offer you a range of products to meet all your locker storage needs.

Express Lockers

Express Lockers will to get to you fast. In this section we have affordable lockers which can be delivered to you by the next working day. There is no compromise on quality. These lockers are designed and manufactured in the same way as our other ranges but are kept in stock with fewer colour choices to make sure we can send them out as soon as possible.

Budget Lockers

We have carefully selected our budget range of lockers to offer you the most competitive prices on the market. These products are the most cost effective way to kit out your workplace with secure locker storage. Although these are lockers on a budget, we still offer a wide variety of popular sizes, colours and locking upgrades for you to choose from.

Standard Storage Lockers

This is our most comprehensive collection of metal lockers for you to browse. In this section you will find the widest range of available sizes, compartments, colours and locking options we have on offer for a standard metal locker design. This includes our popular and affordable TUFF range and extends to our premium products including features such as security shelves, 3-point locking and more.

Workwear & PPE Lockers

As employers are responsible for the maintenance and storage of PPE it’s important to have appropriate storage lockers to keep them in. Our range includes lockers for staff to place their workwear into, carefully segmented with shelves to store clothes, hard hats, gloves and so on. We can also supply garment lockers used for both the disposal and collection of clothing.

Wire Mesh Lockers

Mesh lockers offer both high visual security and exceptional air circulation. This makes them ideal for items including sports equipment and workwear. Gaps in the wire mesh will help any wet or damp items dry quickly and allow for quick and simple checks on the stored items, helping improve security. These lockers are available in standard locker dimensions and also in a smaller personal effects design.

Personal Effects Lockers

Each of the small compartments in these lockers is ideal for the storage of small personal items including phones, wallets, tablets and more. These make for a popular solution in test and exam areas, police stations and other areas that require storage for a large quantity of people. Supply locker storage to anything between 8 and 40 people with just one personal effects locker unit.

Plastic Lockers

If you’re look for an all-round locker solution that is suitable for use indoors, outdoors and in wet areas, look no further than our plastic locker range. Their plastic construction means that they will not rust and deteriorate over time in damp or wet areas like a traditional metal locker. Fit them with a coin return or retain lock to make them ideal locker storage for public areas like swimming pools.

Cube Lockers

Customise your locker storage with versatile cube lockers. These lockers can either be used alone as small personal storage or can be bolted together to create a nest or stack of lockers. This makes them ideal for schools and areas where lower storage is need for easy access. Their versatility means that you get the perfect lockers specifically to meet the needs of your workplace.

Charging & Laptop Lockers

The range of lockers in this section can be used for the safe storage and charging of items including laptops, tools, phones and more. There are a whole range of variations available including non-charging, charging and mobile lockers. This allows you to keep important tools and technology secure and charged at all times, ready for use.

Specialist Lockers

Our other locker ranges are designed for more specialist needs. For the most part these are lockers that take the standard locker design and alter it to suit more specific needs. This includes perforated door, vision door, Z lockers and more.

Take a look in these categories to find the ideal storage solution for you workplace. Alternatively, get in touch with one of our sales team via our live chat or over the phone for suggestions on what will best suit you.