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Lockers Buyers Guide:


First of all, it is important to establish the space you have to work with. This will determine what lockers are available to you.

A standard metal locker is around 1800mm high (this can slightly vary depending on the brand). The height of the units only tends to be drastically different when it comes to school, laptop storage and some plastic lockers.

A clear idea of what is going to be stored in the lockers is essential when choosing the width and depth of a locker. Our most common locker sizes are as follows:

  1. H 1800 x W 300 x D 300mm
  2. H 1800 x W 300 x D 450mm
  3. H 1800 x W 380 x D 380mm
  4. H 1800 x W 450 x D 450mm


Secondly, decide on the number of compartments needed. Most standard lockers offer 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 compartment options. Across the internet you may also see compartments be referred to as ‘doors’.

Here at Workplace Products we offer units with multiple compartments and only 1 door so its good to always be careful. If you’re unsure, our team are ready to answer any questions via live chat.

The number of compartments you choose should be based on what you need to store in the locker.

The following is a list of items most commonly stored in lockers*, their average sizes and the number of doors we recommend:

a)       Personal Items

Smartphone = H 144 x W 71 x D 8mm
We recommend:
Storage - Personal Effects Lockers (compartment size: H 165 x W 225 x D 360mm)                           

Tablet = H 10 x W 170 x D 240mm
We recommend:
Charging - TabBox USB Charging Locker (compartment size: H 95 x W 295 x D 265mm)
Storage – Laptop Storage Lockers (compartment size: H100 x W375 x D470mm)

Laptop = H 30 x W 250 x D 350mm
We recommend:
Charging – LapBox USB Charging Locker (compartment size: H95/ 150 x W 370 x D450mm)
Storage – Laptop Storage Lockers (compartment size: H100 x W375 x D470mm)

b)      Files & Books

A4 Lever Arch Folder = H 320 x W 80 x D 300mm
We recommend: Probe Activecoat Lockers - 4 Door (compartment height: 380mm)

AQA Text Book = H 191 x W 26 x D 3mm
We recommend: TUFF Lockers – 6 Door (compartment height: 260mm)

A5 Exercise Book = H 210 x W 150 x D 20mm
We recommend: Probe Activecoat Lockers – 6 Door (compartment height: 245mm)

c)       Bags

Rucksack = H 420 x W 300 x D 120mm
We recommend: Express Budget Lockers – 3 Door W300 x D450mm (compartment height: 510mm)

Handbag = H 350 x W 300 x D 150mm
We recommend: Probe Activecoat Lockers – 3 Door/ 4 Door W380 x D380mm (compartment size: H 530/380 x W 316 x D 378mm)

Cabin Bag = H 550 x W 400 x D 240mm
We recommend: Probe Activecoat Lockers – 2 Door W460 x D460mm (compartment size: H 812 x W 396 x D 458mm)

d)      Clothing

Coats/ Hi Vis
We recommend: Armour Twin Lockers – two full height, half width compartments with double coat hook in each

We recommend:
Footwear: Probe Activecoat Lockers – 5 Door (compartment height: 300mm) for boots, 6 Door (compartment height: 245mm) for shoes

Workwear: Armour Staff Lockers – Several compartments behind one door for easy storage of clothing items and protective hats/ footwear

We recommend: 
Hi Vis Coats - Armour PPE Lockers, 2 Door (compartment height: 830mm - coat hook in each compartment)

Boots/ Hats - Armour PPE Lockers, 4/6 Door (compartment height: 408/ 260mm)

*All sizes are based on standard measurements for use as a guide only. Please measure goods needing to be stored before ordering.


Thirdly, decide which type of door your will application will need. Application will have an influence on this decision. The most popular door types available are:

  1. Steel –

    Most standard units have steel doors. Steel is a material suitable for all dry environments and offer high security and longevity.
  2. Laminate –

    Laminate doors are available in a wider range of finishes and colours. Laminate is highly resistant to scratches, rust and dents. Some laminate lockers can be used in wet area applications.
  3. Plastic –

    Ideal for outdoor storage. Units are designed for use in damp and wet environments, also provides the ability to wash and clean easily.
  4. Timber –

    Exudes quality and style. Popular in sports and leisure changing facilities.

Lock Type

Lock type is the fifth stage in our buyers guide. Here is a break down of our most popular locking options;

a)       Cam lock –

other wise known as a key lock comes as standard on most ranges. Commonly supplied with 2 keys, this option is perfect for repeat single users or low user counts.

b)      Hasp and staple lock –

alternatively called swivel latch, padlock lock etc. This type of lock has been designed for use with a padlock (provided by the user) and is ideal for busy, multi user applications.

c)      Coin return/ retain –

Most commonly found in swimming baths and leisure centres. These locks will accept £1 coins and then either return it to the user afterwards or keep it.

d)      Combi lock –

users have to enter a 4 digit code to access.

e)   Digital keypad lock –

simple to programme and designed for single users. Multi-user options are available.

Lastly, all locker buyers need to choose a colour. We offer a range of frame colour and door colour combinations to suit all applications. If you are a school or business looking to match your lockers to a logo colour, let us know the RAL and we can do it!

That brings us to the end of our guide. We hope it will be helpful in choosing the perfect units for you. Please live chat with us or call our team to ask any other questions you may have.