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Here at Workplace Products, we have an extensive range of lockers to suit a variety of storage requirements. Whilst working closely to UK Locker manufactures, we have created a range that includes an array of choices. From unique lock options to bespoke locker benches, we can guarantee our range will meet all of your needs. But, finding the exact locker to fit your school, offices or even warehouse can consist of hours of searching. At Workplace Products, we are here to help make this process of choosing an easy process. Below is a locker guide, which includes key features that will help make this important decision.

Express Lockers 

Our range of express lockers are designed for fast delivery in mind. Whilst being incredibly affordable, they're manufactured from durable steel to ensure the highest of quality.  With a selection of popular colour options, we ensure that our express lockers can be with you in a matter of days. So, if you're in need of a high quality yet durable locker our Express Delivery Lockers are an ideal storage solution.

Budget Lockers

Whilst the name gives it away, our range of budget lockers offer the most competitive prices on the market. If you're looking to refurbish your old lockers with affordable alternatives, then our range of budget lockers provide a secure storage solution. Manufactured with a strong steel construction, they offer security and storage for personal belongings within schools, offices or cloakrooms. Available in popular sizes, colours and locking upgrades we can configure lockers to suit all of your requirements.

Standard Storage Lockers 

As our most comprehensive collection of metal lockers, they're a popular choice within schools and universities. Standard lockers offer the widest range of sizes, compartments, colours and locking options for a standard metal locker design. This vast selection ensures that all requirements are met and our standard lockers are configured to a variety of requirements.

Workwear & PPE Lockers

Employers are responsible for providing staff with adequate storage for their personal belongings. Our workwear & PPE lockers (Personal Effect Lockers) are perfect to store clothes, handbags, hard hats and other garments that need to be stored away. We also supply garment lockers that can be used for both disposal and collection of clothing such as overalls.

Wire Mesh Lockers

Mesh lockers offer both visibility and ventilation, which makes them ideal for storing clothing or sport equipment. The gaps in the steel mesh aids quick drying for wet or damp items as well as allowing for quick and simple checks on the items stored. Our wire mesh storage is available in standard locker dimensions as well as in smaller personal effect designs.

Personal Effect Lockers

Created from small compartments, these steel lockers are ideal for the storage of small personal items. Their unique structure makes them a popular choice in offices, staff rooms and workplaces with a large quantity of people. Personal effect lockers are commonly used to store keys, mobile phones and other small items that are high in value but small in size. Their ability to securely store away these items for up to 8-40 people are why they're an effective storage solution.

Plastic Lockers 

If you're looking for an all-rounded locker, our plastic lockers fit the bill. Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage, they're ideal for locations exposed to water. Their plastic construction ensures that they will not rust or deteriorate over time unlike the traditional metal locker. With the ability to configure each locker to your personal needs, they include a range of lock options including coin return or retain locks which are ideal for swimming pool changing rooms.

Cube Lockers

Cube lockers are a versatile storage system, with the ability to be used alone or bolted together to create a nest of lockers they're perfect for environments limited on space. This versatility means you can configure your locker perfectly to suit all specific requirements. Additionally, all cube lockers are available in a range of colours and width sizes to ensure we can find the perfect match. 

Specialist Lockers

Included in our locker range are storage solutions for specialist needs. For the most parts, these lockers look and act like the standard lockers but are altered to suit more specific requirements. Lockers such as our perforated door, vision door or Z Lockers all include unique features that aids the users experience. 

Take a look in these categories to find the ideal storage solution for your workplace. Alternatively, get in touch with one of our sales team via our live chat or over the phone. They are on hand to suggest to you which of our product range will best suit your locker requirements.

Locker Guide 

For further information, why not check out our exclusive locker guide to provide extra information. Included is information in relation to sloping tops, lock upgrades and accessories.

Lockers Buyers Guide Data Sheet