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Probe Lockers

Probe lockers now tested and certified non-combustible

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Probe Lockers are ideal all-rounders when it comes to personal storage in the workplaces, schools, offices and more. The attractive, user-friendly nature of all Probe lockers is what makes the brand a best-seller.

These lockers are proudly designed and manufactured in the UK to ensure they have the highest possible build quality. All Probe lockers conform to BS4680:1996 for Standard duty lockers and also ISO 9001:2000. They are carefully manufactured in accordance with the Health & Safety certification OHSAS 18001.

If you buy Probe lockers, you can be assured you are getting the highest quality components, construction and finish for your money.

Standard features and security options of Probe Lockers

There are some common features and benefits that all Probe lockers have to be aware of when selecting the perfect lockers for your workplace.

Each Probe locker door features through frame locking. This is for added security and gives your users a robust, reliable and secure compartment to store their belongings. In this type of locking, the cam locates through an aperture in the frame, preventing the door from being forced open easily. The through frame locking is coupled with welded internal door strengtheners and welded compartment dividers for higher security. No-one is getting into these locker compartments easily!

Each Probe locker door has an air ventilation system to keep air flowing through the compartment. This is especially handy when work wear or gym kits are stored in the compartment, helping them dry out. Each door also features 5-knuckle hinges for extra strength. This means that if the door is leaned on or too much force is applied, it's not going to bend out of shape easily, unlike some other less durable lockers on the market.

Probe Active Coat Lockers

All Probe lockers are powder coated with ACTIVE COAT anti-bacterial technology - exclusive to Probe. This makes all of the lockers in this range safe storage for the highest of hygiene standards. This is great news for buyers for schools and hospitals, where hygiene standards have to be high.


Probe Active Coat lockers have been supplied to the hygiene conscious medical sector. The action of the Biomaster anti-bacterial technology in the Active Coat powder coating stops the growth and replication of the bacteria, and does 3 key things:

  • Reduces 80% of bacteria after just 15 minutes
  • Becomes 99.99% effective against bacteria within 2 hours
  • From 24 hours of contact with bacteria, it gives permanent protection for the lifetime of the locker