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Indoor waste bins are an important addition to all workplaces, used daily to provide effective waste management.

In our range of indoor bins we have an entire selection of capacities and sizes to meet the requirements of all workplaces. Small bins are ideal for small spaces or under desk waste disposal as they take up very little floor space and are easily changed daily. Our larger indoor bins have capacities up to 100 litres, ideal for use in offices, kitchens and more.

We offer a variety of different lid types across the product range listed here. This includes flip lids, push lids and pedal operated bins. This allows you to select the most appropriate bin for your workplace and for the kind of items being regularly disposed of. There is also a choice between a plastic or metal bin. Plastic indoor bins are a more cost effective waste management solution, resistant to dents and rusting but not as strong as their metal counterparts. Metal bins offer an executive look, more suitable for corporate areas and hospitality.