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Lifting Equipment

Our range of lifting equipment is designed to aid you in lifting heavy objects and moving them safely and securely around your workplace.

We offer a wide variety of lifting equipment. We do so to ensure that we can meet all your needs for any industrial environment. This includes warehouses, garages, loading bays, construction sites and more. The biggest difference between the products in the range is often their load capacity. We have items that are ideal for light industrial work of around 200kg. On the other hand, we also provide products to accommodate loads of 5000kg.

TUFF Range of Lifting Equipment

Our TUFF range is made up from our in stock items that are available with next day delivery across the UK. The best sellers include our TUFF scissor lift trolleys that now have up to 40% off. In addition, we have our TUFF Pallet truck that is available with two different fork sizes to cater to a variety of different heavy loads. Unlike our sack truck range, the TUFF pallet truck is designed to move much larger loads including items that weigh up to 2500kg. If you are struggling to choose which item to go for when looking at our different lifting equipment categories, we recommend to always have a look at our TUFF range. This is because we can guarantee fast deliver times as well as high quality and long lasting purchases.

Scissor Lift Tables

Scissor Lift Tables are suitable for many workplaces. They are versatile meaning they can be used for multiple tasks. They also transport trolleys on a production line to lift and move products around packaging areas. Mobile scissor lift tables can also be used as a side table at the beginning or end of a production line. Static tables are more suited for raising heavy duty items. They also allow the user to safely work on them before they move onto the next part of the production line.

Pallet Stackers

Stackers and Pallet Stackers are most popular in warehouses or on the factory floors. The greatest benefit of a pallet stacker is the larger lift height it offers. Heavy duty loads can be steadily lifted safely for storage or block stacking of goods.

If you are unsure what lifting equipment you need, use the live chat to get in touch with our sales team and they can guide you through the selection process.

Crains, Hoists & Slings

We also provide folding cranes that are ideal for moving heavy loads around the workplace. Our cranes feature heavy duty castors and a side pump complete with a removeable handle. They can hold up to 2 tonnes. We also have an excellent variety or hoists and slings available. Looking at our Samson Duplex Flat Lifting Slings, you can select a sling that lifts up to 5 tonnes. Browse the entire range of hoists and slings here