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These Access Ramps are ideal for allowing wheeled objects past kerbs and doorways.

The access ramps that we have to offer here are an ideal addition to any workplace. Often they are used as wheelchair ramps, making them a valuable feature for making any workplace more accessible. They are a simple and effective way of making sure that more employees and visitors can feel welcome in your workplace.

These ramps can also be a useful way of making deliveries and the movement of goods easier. Use them to make it easier for sack trucks to mount pavements or enter buildings for smoother deliveries or easier loading and unloading.

Plastic or Metal Ramps

We have a variety of ramps to offer, with each one having a specific set of advantages. Rubber and plastic ramps are a durable and lightweight ramp solution that is also cost effective. Saving on cost could well mean that you can purchase more than one ramp for use at multiple points around your premises. An aluminium access ramp is a more costly option but will have a longer lifespan, withstanding regular use over time.