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Industrial Matting is an essential feature in any busy industrial environment. Our carefully selected range of industrial floor mats are built to withstand all industrial demands and usage. Whilst, most importantly maintaining the comfort and safety of the operators working on them.

Within our selection of industrial floor mats, there are a range of unique finishes, designs and materials. Due to the nature of industrial conditions, our mats are manufactured to be long-lasting whilst withstanding some of the most demanding environments. With workplaces such as; factories, warehouses, production lines and welding bays all use industrial matting due to it's durable and robust properties. 

Industrial mats are exposed to numerous elements, from oils to chemicals these mats are put through the works. With accidents sometimes inventible, we have took this into considered and offered specialised industrial matting that can resist mild chemicals and oils. However, it’s important to check on the mats attributes to ensure that this feature is available. As some mats don’t include this resistant coat.


  1. Do you require an anti-fatigue mat that can withstand industrial environments? Our Orthomat Ribbed Anti-Fatigue Mats, is the industrial mat for you.

They are an ideal solution for production lines, packing stations, assembly areas & workbenches. With such features as a raised ribbed surface & slip resistant properties, it ensures that operators have maximum safety whilst working. Additionally, they help reduce fatigue from standing by easing pressure on back, legs and feet. By combating fatigue, you are ensuring that your operators are less prone to health problems.

  1. Are you looking for an industrial mat with the ability to resist grease and oils? Our Worksafe Mat, does this & more.

Our Worksafe mats are an ideal industrial floor mat for all working environments. With their hardwearing properties and grease proof finish, they can withstand a variety of working conditions. Included within this mat, is an anti-slip underside to firmly hold the mat in position. This ensures that whilst in use, it won't slip or move that may result in further accidents. As well, incorporated are drainage holes to reduce the risk slips and trips on wet, oily or greasy floors.If you're looking for a versatile industrial mat, then this is the mat for you.

  1. If you work with mild acids and alkalis, then our Grid Matting is the mat you require.

Our Grid Matting is an excellent industrial mat due to it's unique design. With a grid like construction, it allows debris to be easily trapped within the mat. This feature also helps if any spillages occur as the open holes act as temporary drainage system. Not forgetting, that these industrial floor mats are also resistant to acids & alkalis as well as wear & tear. All of these key properties ensure that the mat minimises the chance of accidents.

But these are just 3 of many industrial mats within our collection. With many more applications available, why not check out our full range to find the exact mat for you.