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Safety Matting

Safety in the workplace and overall well being of your employees is a legal requirement, which is why Safety Matting is so important. With Health and Safety in mind Workplace Products strives to supply only the best quality Non Slip Safety Matting to your business

Anti-Fatigue Matting

These Mats are designed to reduce the onset of fatigue caused by prolonged standing. Ideal Mats for Industrial locations, especially assembly and packing stations. Very popular soft, cushioned and flexible mats.

Industrial Matting

Manufactured for use in both wet and dry industrial environments. Industrial mats are resistant to oil, grease and most chemicals. They perform extremely well in demanding environments whilst protecting flooring and providing insulation from cold floors. Hard wearing Mats that include Orthopedic Ribbed Mats as well as Ramp Mats, Workstation Mats and Grid Matting.

Work Area Matting

This area of Mats covers Anti-Fatigue Mats, Ramp Mats, Workshop Mats, Chair Mats and ESD Anti-Static Mats. These Mats are ideal for use at a workbench as part of an assembly line.

Entrance Matting

Specially designed to appear welcoming to guests and staff as they enter your business. These Mats are crush resistant, grip the foot and are easy to clean. Recycled options and dirt scraping options are also available.

Anti-Slip Matting, Leisure Matting and Wet Area Matting

The most popular Mats for use in the Leisure Industry and Wet areas. Designed to stop people with bare feet slipping over. Some applications include swimming pool mats, sauna mats, shower mats and gym mats.

Safety Treads and Tapes

You will need these anti-slip solutions for stairways where light and heavy foot traffic is needed. This could be in a public shopping centre or a fire escape. These tapes and treads are suitable for Public Spaces or Office Spaces to Industrial settings dependent on requirements.

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