Safety Matting

Safety matting comes in all shapes, sizes and colours. They are ideal for providing a safe flooring solution. Often manufactured from PVC foam or rubber, their durable construction ensures they are both long lasting and supportive. Our range of safety matting includes a variety of functionalities that ensure operators are protected from fatigue, slips or even electric shocks.

Endless options of safety matting

With an abundance of choice and options, our range of safety matting can offer the solution to many workplaces. A popular choice within our selection is our Rubber Mats, due to their hard wearing properties. They offer anti-slip surfaces whilst being resistant to chemicals and oils. Some of them also include integrated drainage systems for areas prone to spillages or wet floors. PVC foam mats are also a popular choice for providing relief from fatigue. Whilst they are not as durable, they help to greatly improve the workers comfort when standing.

Can our safety mats be placed anywhere?

Safety mats are frequently used in industrial environments for welding stations, production lines and workstations. Their ability to reduce fatigue and provide a secure workspace has created a demand for these mats. However, their functionalities can benefit a range of industries, many bars use safety matting to provide a cushioned surface for staff as well as reducing the chance of slips and falls. Additionally, there has been an increase of safety mats being used in home environments such as; garages, kitchen and greenhouses. Whether you require a mat to reduce fatigue or limit the chance of slips and falls, our safety mats will provide an excellent solution.

An added bonus with our range of safety mats, is the optional add-ons that provide extra functionalities and value. When it comes to visibility, our selection of Safety Orthomat Mats have a bright yellow border to ensure workers can clearly see an workstation or pathway outlines. Included within these mats and others, are bevelled edges to reduce the chance of slips and falls as well as easy access onto the mat.

Need to cover a large surface area? No problem! Many of our matting options link together or come as tiles and rolls so large area’s aren’t a problem. You even have the option to expand from one working area all the way through your building.