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Safety Matting

Providing a safe working environment is a vital requirement in any workspace. Due to health and safety regulations, employers are required to provide safe working conditions for all employees. Due to these vital requirements, we offer a selection of safety matting to ensure that your workplace has a safe flooring system. Our range of safety mats are ideal for a variety of environments, with anti-static and anti-slip properties they provide a flooring system for all. From industrial matting to anti-slip matting, these mats can do it all and more. From warehouses to offices, swimming pools to kitchens, it's a guarantee we have a solution for you.


Within our range, there is endless choice when it comes to rubber safety mats. Rubber is well known for it's robust construction, anti-slip and anti-fatigue properties. Due to it's thickness, it provides insulation from the cold and will provided a cushioned surface for the operators. Additionally, within our range we have included mats manufactured from PVC foam, which provide the same qualities and functionalities. 

Due to their construction, these amazing materials provide maximum grip whilst being incredibly long lasting. Not forgetting, that majority of our safety mats come with warranty just in case! Our mats have been put through rigorous slip resistance tests (Slip Resistance Test EN13552) and at the end get awarded a rating. This rating gives you the reassurance that these products will help prevent slips in wet working environments.

It doesn’t stop there, some of our safety mats also include optional add-ons. These come in the form of high visibility yellow edged add-ons, as well as bevelled edges to help prevent tripping on curled mat edges. Sadly, these optional extra's are only available on a selected few. Please read our descriptions to identify whether the mat you require includes these extra's.  With a variety of sizes, you can use our safety matting to protect flooring, workstations, hallways, swimming pools and so on. 

Need to cover a large surface area? No problem! Many of our matting options link together or come as tiles and rolls so large area’s aren’t a problem. You even have the option to expand from one working area all the way through your building. 

Anti-Fatigue Matting 

Throughout our safety matting range, you will notice that majority of our mats help combat fatigue. These increasingly popular mats will help reduce pain in your back, legs and feet. Aches and pains are a common occurrence when standing for prolonged periods of time, but our range of anti-fatigue matting help reduce all of these pains. Which results in a increase in productivity, morale, health and so much. 

What is safety matting?

Safety matting is normally a PVC foam or rubber mat placed to reduce the chance of accidents and falls. Many of us stand and walk on safety matting on a daily basis, without even knowing. Hospitals, schools, offices and warehouses all incorporate matting into their facility to provide a safe and secure environment for safe and visitors.