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Crash & Impact Protection Barriers

Every Safety Barrier in this section is intended to be used with multiple barriers being positioned and fixed together in a modular run.

We sell each part of the modular barrier system in component form (separately) to keep the cost down and for you to buy only what you need. For example, if you wanted one starter barrier you would need the following: 1x horizontal rail and 2x single end posts. For the 2x horizontal rail option you would need the following: 2x horizontal rails and 2x twin end posts. If you wanted a run of more than one safety barrier you would need a post that excepts rails on both sides. End posts would only be required at the start and end of the run (Or where there is a gap needed in the run). Other components include right angle posts. Therefore check that you are buying the correct posts for the job. Make sure the post will except 1 or 2 rails and make sure you are buying the correct connection posts. If you are in doubt start a Live Chat and our friendly Sales Team will guide you in the right direction. There are even Safety Gates available in the Heavy Duty Safety Barriers range.

Where are Modular Safety Barriers commonly used?

The most common use for Modular Safety Barriers is to protect the edging of designated walkways through a potentially dangerous area. One example would be an industrial manufacturing (or warehouse) environment that operates heavy machinery. The barriers are highly visible, therefore vehicles such as fork lift trucks will be kept from crossing onto the pedestrian walkways.