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Chain Posts are an effective solution for restricting access to potentially hazardous areas. They are quick and easy to set up, making them ideal for blocking off any temporary hazards that might arise.

Our chain posts offer a cost effective way of keeping members of staff, the public and property safe from harm. It is essential to keep your workplace up to date with todays health and safety regulations, and these posts go a long way to improving your site safety. They all feature various different high visibility colour schemes to help make sure that they are visible at all times, making it obvious that the area is off limits.

When not in use these Chain Posts are easy enough to store away with no disassembly required. We also offer posts with folding bases which save space when folded down, ready for storage.

Chain Post Components

We offer two different ways of getting chain posts. Either select your posts and chains separately or choose one of our sets that come fully equipped with both. Selecting them both separately allows you to customise your barriers to suit your workplace, getting a base type and chain size that you need. Opting for a set makes it easier for you and offers you a full barrier, ready to go.

We offer a variety of chain colours and diameters for you to choose from which can be joined together using the optional hooks that we can also provide.

Another essential component of Chain Posts is the type of base that is used. There are a few variations to choose from including concrete filled bases, rubber bases and bases you can fill yourself. Heavier bases are more suitable for use outside as they are less likely to move whilst lighter bases are easier to pick up and transport.

For more advice on which chain posts are ideal for your workplace, get in touch using our live chat or over the phone. We're happy to help.