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Drench Showers and Eye Wash Stations are an essential addition to any workplace that handles or has any hazardous chemicals on site.

In the event of an incident involving hazardous substances the presence of a Drench Shower or Eye Wash station on site is incredibly important. Hazardous chemicals can often begin to cause damage from the point of contact so having the right equipment on hand to begin a wash down immediately after an incident will make a huge difference.

At Workplace Products we have a variety of simple and effective emergency shower equipment. This ranges from both wall and ceiling mounted drench showers, portable and mounted eye wash stations, and drench hoses. This range is designed to offer you effective emergency wash stations to suit you whatever sized premises you have.

Where to place Drench Showers or Eye Wash Stations

This kind of emergency equipment needs to be located in an obvious and easily accessible area, not surrounded by any obstacles that might prevent an individual from reaching them. The range of different ways the products we offer can be attached to walls or ceilings gives you the ability to place them wherever needed. We even offer free standing showers and eye wash stations in case there is not a wall to attach to.