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Entrance Matting

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A clean, presentable and professional environment is essential in creating an excellent first impression. With potential clients & customers visiting your premises, we all want them to be impressed as they walk through the door. But, how do we achieve this first impression we all strive for? Well, we can give you a head start with our Entrance Matting. These mats are great at creating a presentable environment, whilst secretly cleaning and drying your visitor’s shoes.

Entrance matting can be found on the exterior and interior of a building. It's sole purposes is to collect any dirt and debris before entering the workplace. So, we recommend placing both indoor doormats and outdoor mats at the same entrance. Our entrance mats act as a protective surface to reduce the chance of slips and falls.  So, not only will they collect any dirty and debris they will improve the overall safety of your entrance will increase.


Outdoor Entrance Mats are ideal to provide a safe and secure entrance into your workplace. With elements such as rain and snow, entrances can become hazardous and may reduce in slips and falls. Within our range, all of our entrance mats included an intergral drainage system. This feature traps any water, snow or dirt within the mat and acts as a barrier between yourself and the floor. This simplistic yet effective design, ensures that by placing one of our mats outside you will reduce the chances of accidents. 

Our Rampmat Entrance Mat is a perfect example of an effective outdoor entrance mat. Manufactured from hard-wearing SBR rubber, it provides a slip resistance surface whilst trapping any debris and dirt within it's drainage system. These key features make this outdoor doormat ideal for a variety of locations, with the guarantee they will perform to the highest of standards. With additional features such as bevelled edges and a raised circular surface. Our Rampmat Entrance mat will provide a safe and secure entrance. 


Indoor Entrance Matting offers further protection against slippery surface whilst cleaning visitors shoes. Our range of indoor doormats offer a selection of options to provide a safe and comfortable matting system. Most of our indoor entrance mats are constructed from 100% polypropylene. This material is highly durable and is commonly used for rugs and carpets due to it's robust nature. Within our range, we have included a selection of indoor door mats that hold these same properties and more. With slip resistance, durability and comfort all working together to provide a safe matting system.

Our Vyna-Plush Entrance Mat is also manufactured from 100% polypropylene. It's construction makes this mat ideal for scraping dirt and moisture away whilst providing a welcoming environment. Available in 4 attractive colours, you can ensure that this mat fits your colour scheme whilst offering a slip resistance surface. Other features include an anti-slip backing and a variety of sizes to choose from. 

Entrance Matting for all workplaces

Entrance matting is a vital element within any workplace entrance. By providing a flooring system that will not only benefit safety, it will provide a warm and welcoming environment. It will only have an positive impact on your business. Within our selection of entrance matting, we have included a wide range of matting from eco-friendly mats to logo mats. It's guaranteed that all of your requirements will be met, if not succeeded. However,  if you require further information on our matting options, our trained sales staff are second away via live chat.