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When it comes to first impressions, entrance matting is ideal to reinforce your businesses core values. With the ability to create an presentable entrance whilst cleaning and drying visitors shoes, they provide an attractive decor with hidden cleaning properties. Our range of entrance matting include both exterior and interior mats for all weather condition with a selection of colours to choose from. Their ability to collect an dirt and debris whilst providing an anti-slip surface adds a level of safety to their purpose. 

Entrance matting acts as a barrier system between your entrance and offices. So ensuring that the correct matting is being installed in different locations is an important task. However, within our range of entrance mats, we provide both indoor and outdoor door mats to ensure that all entrances are covered. 

Outdoor Doormats

At a closer look, our outdoor entrance mats are all manufactured from hardwearing SBR rubber. Their rubber construction provides a durable outdoor door mat that can withstand extreme weather conditions. Elements such as rain and snow can cause slippy and hazardous surfaces. To ensure that no accidents take place our entrance mats include anti-slip features. Entrance matting such as our Rampmat Entrance Mat, include drainage holes within it's design to trap any dirt and debris. But, as well it will ensure that any snow or rain will be contained within the design, providing a secure surface for vistors.

Indoor Doormats

When it comes to indoor entrance matting, they provide extra protection and cleaning for vistors. Mainly manufactured from 100% polypropylene, they provide a highly durable yet comfortable solution for many foyers. With the ability to scrape any further dirt missed by the outdoor door mat, it reduces the possibility of debris being brought into your facility. To a degree, we all expect indoor entrance matting to clean and wipe our shoes on. So, to meet your vistors expectations it's important to provide a entrance mat that can provide a safe and attractive entrance. 

A perfect example of how effective these mats can be is our Vyna-Plush Entrance Mat. Manufactured from 100% polypropylene, they provide an ideal surface for vistors to scrap dirt and moisture away whilst creating a welcoming environment. These mats come in the choice of 4 colours to allow you to match your existing or new colour scheme, as well as a choice of sizes to fit your entrance. 


As we've shown, entrance matting is vital for all environments in need of a secure entrance. With their ability to create a warm welcome to vistors, they ensure your first impressions are a lasting one. Within our range, we have included a selection of entrance mats to decipher from.  

Logo Entrance Mats 

Our logo entrance mats are ideal for schools, colleges and business. With the ability to reinforce your branding as soon as your visitors walk through the door, they are ideal for branding purposes as well as cleaning shoes! With a wide range of colours, sizes and applications available, why not get in touch and see how we can help your school entrance. 

Eco-Friendly Matting

In today's modern world, it's vital we look for ways to improve our carbon foot. Well, our eco-friendly mats can do just this. Our most popular mat being our Coir Coconut Entrance Mat, with natural fibres offering excellent scraping properties. These mats are an attractive alternative to the traditional entrance mat and can provide an eco-friendly solution. But, this is just one of many and within our range we have included a selection of mats with eco-friendly properties. 

As you can see, our range is full of choice. With a number of materials, sizes, colours and features it's guaranteed that you will find the best fit for you. However, if you require further help our trained sales team are seconds away via live chat.