Fast Food Canteen Units


Our fast food units are an excellent economical choice. They are ideal for kitting out vending areas, refreshment areas and rest areas in a workplace. The fully welded frames are strong and robust, and also come in a black power coated finish. Seats come in blue as standard, with red and black options available to order via Live Chat or over the phone. All of our fast food units keep your canteen clean and functional. They are the best solution for your industry should you be on a budget!


Each unit has been specially designed and has several benefits in mind:

Hygiene - High up on the list for most businesses is how easy tables and chairs are to clean. The fast food units' one piece polypropylene seats are easy to clean. This is because there are no nooks or seams where dirt and bacteria can hide. The unit provides clear access to the floor underneath and around to simplify cleaning. Finished in high pressure laminate and edged with PVC, the table tops provide extra strength and protection.

Space - The fast food units are well designed with ample space. This means most users can sit comfortably with colleagues and enjoy their well earned break. The modular nature of the canteen units is a big plus for many businesses. It means the layout of the canteen space remains unchanged. There is no more furniture movement and your planned layout remains intact which is essential in busy workplace canteens. If required, we can also supply optional floor fixings.

Flexibility - In addition, all of our fast food canteen units are available in a number of seating and access options. Our six and four seater units are available in single and dual entry. The two seater version is also available in a single entry.

All of these benefits aid you in keeping your canteen clean and functional, while not 'breaking the bank' in the process.


Also, our range of fast food seating units are ideal for small fast food restaurants and take-aways looking for economical seating. They are easy to clean and can't be moved making them the perfect solution. If you'd like something a bit more 'up-market', then take a look at our premier canteen fast food units. These units are made to order but are definitely worth the extra wait. Available in a variety of finishes and colours, these units can really enhance your eating area.

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