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Rack protection guards are vital in warehouse environments. They provide necessary precaution against injuries and damages. Where safety is key, Workplace Products offers a variety of options. Including, post protectors, safety bollards, column protectors and our best-selling pallet rack protectors.

Warehouse rack guards offer protection from potential hazards. For example, sharp shelving edges, collisions from forklifts and more... In addition, highly visible racking protectors offer a visual reminder to individuals in warehouse environments for safety.

What is a Racking Protector?

We provide versatile solutions, that can be utilised in a range of ways. Rack guards are perfect for partitioning, and as machine guards. Furthermore, racking corner protectors are ideal for many uses. Including building corners, columns and doorways. Easy effortless installation, means you can secure your racking with little hassle.

Our range of warehouse rack protectors are durable and made to last. Manufactured from high grade quality materials to ensure strength most effectiveness. Our specialist range of racking protectors are a cost-effective method to protect your workspace... without breaking your budget.

Why is Racking safety important?

It is most important to elevate your warehouse safety. Achieved by ensuring pallet rack guards are in place. This prevents serious injury and accidental damage in your warehouse. Racking guards save money by protecting your shelving assemblies, and stock. Vehicles used in warehouses such as forklifts are a culprit. Forklifts are high powered and can easily dent, scuff or demolish racking or goods. Therefore, effective preventive measures are crucial to prevent daily wear.

Are you responsible for Racking safety?

For employers, it is your responsibility to ensure racking in your premises are safe. It is important that any racking fitted protects staff from potential harm. This fulfils your obligation in your storage area. If unsure, the UK HSE provides details on everything you need to know for commercial storage and distribution (see below).

Warehousing and Storage: A Guide to Health and Safety.

Are Rack Safety Guards mandatory?

It is important to regularly inspect work equipment, pallets and racking. As they fall under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) 1998. Protection guards are advised to meet PUWER 1998 Regulations. Workplace Products offer everything you need to promote a safe working environment to ensure you are Regulation ready!