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Fatigue, back ache & lack of productivity are all direct results of standing whilst at work. With millions of employees spending majority of their day on their feet, many develop serious health conditions and their productivity levels reduce.

So, what can be done to counteract these issues?

To help operators stand whilst at work, anti-fatigue matting is designed to counteract these hidden health issues whilst providing a safe and secure workstation. These mats can dramatically improve the operators health & concentration. As well as including anti fatigue mats, the best practice is to get people moving around. Providing regular rest breaks and decent seating for employees will help relieve pressure.

But when workers inevitably must stand up to do their job there’s still high risk of fatigue and injury. This is when installing high quality anti fatigue mats can help combat workplace fatigue and reduce the risk to employees’ health.

The benefits of anti-fatigue mats

Our anti-fatigue mats are manufactured from durable PVC foam or natural SRB rubber.  Their specialised construction offers many beneficial features, such as providing a cushioned surface or acting as an insulator between the cold floor. With key components working together, our anti fatigue mats can reduce muscular pains in your lower back & legs whilst preventing stiffness within joints. In time, the operators health will drastically improve and will no longer experience fatigue or muscular pain.

One way our anti fatigue mats achieve this, is by creating a raised surface. Mats such as our Orthomat Diamond Anti-Fatigue Matting, promote natural frequent changes due to it's raised diamond surfaced. These natural changes help stimulate cyclic muscle contractions for better blood circulation around your body to vital organs.

As we’ve shown, there are many health benefits to anti fatigue matting. With the reduction of pain and stiffness within joints, there is no doubt that operator’s morale and productivity will increase. But, let’s allow science to prove it. Recently, professors from Loughborough University did a study commissioned by our main anti-fatigue matting supplier. It looked in to the effects of fatigue from standing for work.

They found it only took 90 minutes of standing on a concrete floor until fatigue set in. People complained of serious discomfort to their feet, legs and back, and stiffness to the neck and shoulders. There was also a major decrease of inability to concentrate after 50 minutes of standing. If you stand for work, without the right solutions in place you’ll first start to experience common symptoms such as tiredness, with aching and fatigue to your legs. After this your feet may become affected and swell up.

This is caused by stressed body tissue from the prolonged standing. If ignored, your feet could develop chronic inflammation, causing scar tissue to form and in turn force changes to your bone structure.

Now, which anti-fatigue mat suits your requirements?

Our range of mats are multi-functional and suitable for most, if not all applications and environments. Available in complete rolls that can be cut to length to suit personal requirements, or in complete smaller mats. With mats including unique perks such as anti-slip resistant properties, bevelled edges as well as different colours, they provide an amazing flooring system for a variety of environments.

With an ever-growing range, it’s easy to find the right mat to suit you and your business. Anti-fatigue matting is being used in a wider range of environments than just traditional production lines. This increase in popularity means our range of mats can be used in a variety of commercial or industrial industries.

Anti-Fatigue Matting For Households

Due to the versatility of matting, there has been an increase of individuals using anti fatigue mats in household environments such as kitchen’s and garages. With their ability to reduce the chance of slips and falls, whilst providing a comfortable surface explains why there has been a rise in popularity.

As mentioned previously, many of our mats include raised surfaces. Not only does this promote good posture, it increases your under-foot grip whilst standing on the mat. Ideal for working in environments prone to spills and leaks.

Industrial Anti-Fatigue Matting

Most commonly used in industrial environments, anti-fatigue matting is ideal for workstations, production lines, packing bays, welding stations and other industrial work stations. With the option of yellow safety edge boarders, it promotes a higher level of safety in your working environment. Whilst highlighting the edges of the mat and the working area, they also add a visual warning to help reduce accidents to employees.

Within our range there are anti-static fatigue reducing mats to reduce the risk of static damage to yourself and equipment. Ideal for working environments that are exposed to electronics or the danger of passing currents through the floor. Due to the danger in working with electricity, it's important that precautions are taken to limit accidents.

Endless possibilities of matting

These are just some of the environments our mats can be used in. With endless uses, our mats can be placed in a vast selection of settings. With some of our anti-fatigue mats repelling liquids, oils & grease they are suitable for all.

Whether you’re a bar looking for a reliable floor system to a reception looking to reduce fatigue within your employee’s, our anti-fatigue can provide a safe and secure solution.

Take a look through of range of anti-fatigue matting and find the perfect solution for your workplace.