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With millions of employees spending majority of their day on their feet, many develop serious health conditions. It's often found that productivity levels decrease and the overall morale of the workplace is affected due to lack of equipment in place to reduce fatigue.

What can be done to ensure operators fatigue is avoided?

Our range of workplace anti-fatigue matting is designed to counteract these hidden health issues whilst providing a safe and secure workstation. These mats can dramatically improve the operators health & concentration, by providing a cushioned surface against the cold concrete floor. However, sometimes the best practice to improve fatigue is to get people moving around. Providing regular rest breaks and decent seating for employees will help relieve pressure.

But when workers inevitably must stand up to do their job there’s still high risk of fatigue and injury. To ensure your workplace is prepared, we recommend installing anti fatigue matting in all area's where operators are standing.

The benefits of anti-fatigue matting

Anti-fatigue mats are ideal for ensure operators have a safe and secure workstation. Manufactured from PVC foam or SRB Rubber, they provide a highly durable floor option that can reduce slips and falls whilst combating fatigue. With a variety of designs, we have thickness ranging from 9mm to 16mm to ensure operators have a cushioned surface against the concrete floor. Additionally, this barrier provides insulation and anti-fatigue matting can also reduce stiffness within joints often experienced whilst working on cold concrete floors.

One way our anti fatigue mats help operators fatigue, is by creating a raised surface. Mats such as our Orthomat Diamond Anti-Fatigue Mats, promote natural frequent changes due to it's raised diamond surfaced. These natural changes help stimulate cyclic muscle contractions for better blood circulation around your body to vital organs.

Now, which anti-fatigue mat suits your requirements?

Our range of mats are multi-functional and suitable for most, if not all applications and environments. Available in complete rolls that can be cut to length or in complete smaller mats. Your workplace has the option of creating a walkway with matting, or providing singular mats to workstations. Each of our anti fatigue mats include unique perks such as anti-slip resistant properties, bevelled edges and a choice of colours. 

With an ever-growing range, it’s easy to find the right anti-fatigue mat to suit you and your workplace. Simply use the swatch and within seconds you can have specified which mat suits all our your requirements. 

Anti Fatigue Matting For Households

It's common for many households to use anti-fatigue matting in their kitchens, garages and greenhouse. With their ability to reduce slips and falls, many lay anti fatigue mats down to ensure accidents are reduced. But not only will they reduce accidents, passionate gardeners or cooks can enjoy their hobby for hours with no discomfort caused by fatigue. 

Our Orthomat Standard Anti Fatigue Mats are ideal for households. Whilst being extremely cost effective they offer a anti-slip surface that can be exposed to spills. However, it's important to clean up any spills to ensure it's long lasting properties aren't compromised. 

Industrial Anti-Fatigue Matting

Within our range, we have included anti-fatigue matting that will create a safe workstation for workers. With the option of bright yellow safety borders, they increase visibility whilst highlighting the outlines of a workstation. Additionally, these mats are resistant to mild chemicals, oils and waters which is ideal if you're working in environments prone to spills. 

Included within this range are a selection of anti-static mats. With the dangers of static energy disrupting electric items such as laptops, it's important to have mats such as our Cobastat Anti-Static Mat. These mats have the ability to disperse static energy to ensure that there is no build-up and items aren't compromised. 

Endless possibilities of matting

These are just some of the environments our mats can be used in. With endless uses, our mats can be placed in a vast selection of settings. With some of our anti-fatigue mats repelling liquids, oils & grease they are suitable for all.

Whether you’re a bar looking for a reliable floor system to a reception looking to reduce fatigue within your employee’s, our anti-fatigue can provide a safe and secure solution.

Take a look through of range of anti-fatigue matting and find the perfect solution for your workplace.