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Fatigue can often reduce productivity levels and morale in your workforce. With millions of employees spending majority of their day on their feet, fatigue is a serious factor in many damaging health conditions. It's because of this that employers are investing so much more in Anti Fatigue Matting for the workplace.

How can we avoid operator fatigue?

Anti Fatigue Mats are designed to counteract fatigue whilst standing to provide a safer & less damaging workspace. Their cushioned surface not only reduces fatigue, it also improves blood flow and also offers a slip resistant surface.

When work requires an employee to stand up to do their job, there is always a high risk of fatigue or injury.The overall objective of matting is to help relieve pressure built up in the legs & back. Doing this can often have quite rapid effect, improving both morale and productivity. With less long term injuries in the workforce, employers should see less sick days or extended periods of missed work caused by repetitive strain.

Key Features of Anti Fatigue Mats

All anti-fatigue mats hold different features that give them each unique benefits. If you're standing for long periods of time, it's recommended to use an anti-fatigue mat with a large thickness. Mats such as our Deckplate are ideal for this as they are thick and durable. Many mats also include key elements such as bevelled edges and yellow boarders which offer extra visibility which is vital in poorly lit or busy areas.

Other key features to consider is the environment you will be placing your mat. The majority of our range suitable for indoor usage only. This is due to the PVC foam they're constructed from which is not suited to wet or damp environments. If ignored the mat will not only will be less effective, you will also loose your warranty. It's important to read all the information provided as well as using filters to determine which mat suits your requirements.


Hard wearing anti-fatigue matting is vital for a workforce to work effectively. Commonly found in workstations, production lines and assembly area's, operators can finally work without pressure building in their feet, legs and back. With optional bright yellow borders, borders are easily created to provide a safe working station.

Included within our floor mats, are our selection of anti-static mats. With operators using electrical equipment on a daily basis, it's important to consider mats that can reduce static shock and fatigue at the same time. Static energy can easily disrupt production and electrical items such as laptops. So, mats such as our Cobastat Anti-Static Mats, are an important asset when working with electricity.

Possibilities of Anti-Fatigue Matting

The beauty of anti-fatigue matting is that it can be placed virtually everywhere. Although our mats key functionality provides primarily for industrial environments, they can still be used all over, even in a domestic setting. Fatigue fighting mats have become a popular choice for home kitchens, garages and any other areas which require a lot of standing. When looking at purchasing your mat, read the information provided to ensure the environment you will be placing the mat fits it's construction.

Take a look through of range of anti-fatigue matting and find the perfect solution for your workplace. If you need any help buying matting, get in touch with our sales team via live chat or over the phone.