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Anti Fatigue Mats

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On a day to day basis, many of us stand for prolonged periods of time with no protection from cold hard floors. Standing for hours on concrete flooring has been proven to result in a number of muscle and back related health issues. So, the big question on everyone's mind is how can we prevent these health problems. Well, the answer is simple. Anti-Fatigue matting is known for reducing back ache, improving muscle contractions and even boosting morale. By including this matting within your offices, warehouses, production lines and behind bars, you will improve the overall health and safety of your work space. 

What is Anti Fatigue Matting?

Anti-Fatigue matting are specialised mats designed to reduce fatigue and acts as insulation from cold floors. Within our range, our anti fatigue mats are manufactured from PVC foam and rubber to offer a durable and secure matting solution. Their unique design, provides the operator a cushioned surface against hard flooring. This barrier not only is acting as an insulator, it's improving the overall stance of the operator. With the ability to stimulate muscle contractions , it will improve the blood flow and the health of the operator. Who knew, something so simple as anti fatigue matting can help improve productivity and health.

Anti-Fatigue Matting for all working environments

Within our range of quality anti fatigue mats, we have included matting solutions for all. From warehouses to household kitchens, this matting will perform to the highest of standards. Due to it's unique design, these anti fatigue mats need to be placed in dry area's. When placed in the correct locations, all mats come with a warranty so make sure to double check!

Our most popular anti-fatigue mat is our Orthomat Diamond Anti-Fatigue Mats. Whilst being extremely cost effective, they provide a long lasting anti fatigue mat with excellent anti-fatigue properties. The diamond pattered design provides an under-grip footing, whilst the 9mm thickness provides a cushioned surface. With both features working together, they offer a comfortable and safe flooring solution used by many. Additionally, all of our Orthomat anti-fatigue mats come with the option of yellow safety edges. With a bright yellow bordered edge, they provide extra visibility within industrial environments.  Not forgetting, that they help reduce trips and falls as well as the access of carts and trolleys. 

Another popular anti-fatigue mat is our Fatigue Fighter II, also known as our Orthomat Premium. With a total thickness of 12.5mm, it includes a dual layer of PVC foam fused together. This robust construction is why this mat provides exceptional fatigue-relief properties. However, within our range all our anti-fatigue mats effectively combat and relieve fatigue. 

Specialised Anti Fatigue Matting

Within our anti fatigue range, we have included a selection of specialised matting. There are many working conditions that require specialised equipment to ensure the well-being of employee's and employers. This is why, we have included an exclusive range for the sole purpose. 

Our Cobastat Anti-Static Matting is ideal for electrical environments. Grounded via a 10mm stud, it helps prevent static build up. Whilst still helping combat fatigue, it’s perfect for environments such as switch boards, workstations and production lines. However, this mat should not be used in area’s that exceed 240 volts due to health and safety reasons.  

With the trend of standing at working become widespread, our Orthomat Office Mat is the solution office fatigue. This office anti fatigue mat provides comfort whilst standing up at desks. Made from high density foam, it provides lasting relief to help the modern-day office worker.

At Workplace Products, we hope to provide nothing but quality matting. Within the descriptions of individual matting you will noticed that majority of our anti-fatigue matting has different applications and features. It’s important to read all the information given to ensure you have an accurate information. For further help, our trained sales staff are seconds away via Live Chat.