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Secure cycle shelters are more commonly known as Cycle Compounds and usually consist of 2 shelters facing towards each other with a secure gate in between. On some of our cycle compound models there is an option for a canopy to be added to increase security and also make the compound more weather proof, stopping rain and snow from getting in.

There's a few ways a cycle compound keeps you bikes safe and away from thieving hands. All of our cycle compounds feature lockable gates, making them accessible to only the key holder(s). There's no other way in to the fully covered compounds such as our Kenilworth bike compound and this makes them a great solution. Also, the fact that cycle hoops and racks can be installed in side the compounds gives each cyclist the option to lock their own bike up inside the compound. Combine this with the lockable gates and you've got a really secure bike storage solution.

Our standard cycle compounds offer a great deal of bike parking space and have room for 16 bikes upwards to 48 bikes. If you require a higher capacity than our standard cycle compounds can offer online, we can design and manufacturer a bespoke compound to suit your exact requirements.

We will happily deliver our cycle compounds to your site free of charge in knock down form for ease of handling. If you'd like, we can also plan and install your secure cycle compound for you. We have installed cycle compounds at workplaces, schools, stations and hospitals. Start up a Live chat or give us a call and speak with our friendly and experienced team about your project.