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Cycle Racks

Cycle Racks

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Cycling to work, college or for small journeys has become popular transport option for a lot of people. In light of this, workplaces need to ensure there is suitable bicyle parking available.

Our varied range of cycle racks can provide solutions for many workplaces, offering cycle storage to all bicyle users. Each cycle can easily be secured to the cycle racks with the users own locks and chains.

With a vast range of options to decide between, there are many features and functionalities to look out for. One of the most important features is installation. With the options including wall bike racks, concreted-in cycle stands and surface mounted racks. There are many ways to securely install your cycle rack and offer bike storage to employee's, students or visitors. Other features include colours, capacity and sizes. All of these are important to consider whilst purchasing your bike rack.

Cycle Racks and Bike Hoops for work and home

Cycle racks are designed to provide the safe storage of bicycles of all types. It's common for these racks to placed outside and be faced with elements such as rain and snow, which in the long run may damage the stand. Our racks are manufactured with these harsh elements in mind and built to ensure they are long lasting. This can be with either a hard wearing galvanised steel or a tough power coat finish to prevent rusting.

Many of our cycle racks are ideal for use as storage inside cycle shelters. This gives the shelter an extra level of protection and security.

Our bestselling bike rack for use in cycle shelters as well as for freestanding storage, are our Sheffield style cycle stands. With the ability to support both the frame and wheels of the bike, they can be used for any bike type and size. As we offer junior sizes as well as full size hoops, you have the ability to cater to all of your visitors needs. When it comes down to capacity, these units are supplied in single units and be installed to create multiple bicycle parking. As an alternative option, we offer a toast rack version of the Sheffield bike stand which comprises of hoops bolted to rails.

A close second is our wall bike racks due to their low costs and ease to install. With the ability to be folded at 180 degrees to the wall, it ensures they're not a hazard when not in use. These racks support the bicycle by the wheel only, so if you're installing bike racks in a busy public place, you'll want a more supportive hoop or stand. There are many alternative space saving bike storage within our range, including wall hoops and semi-vertical bike racks that allow the storage of up to 10 bikes as standard in a compact space.

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