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  1. Yellow Post with Twin Yellow/ Black Belt

    Safety Belt Barriers

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    In StockDelivery in 2 - 3 working days

    • 4 way connect locking mechanism
    • Single or Twin belt available

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  2. Red Post with Red/ White Belt

    Weatherproof Belt Barriers

    Made to order

    Made to orderDelivery in 2 - 3 working days

    • Convenient carry handles
    • Easily restrict access to work areas

    from £70.55

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Our extensive range of belt barriers are essential for effective crowd control in busy areas with high levels of foot fall.

Use these barriers to help form orderly queues, cordon off certain areas and guide the public through your workplace. They are an incredibly versatile solution that can be stored with ease and set up in a matter of minutes ready to control pedestrian traffic and keep your premises running smoothly.

Within our range of retractable safety barriers we have both free standing and wall mounted variations. Wall mounted barriers take up very little space and are ideal for protecting areas that are very regularly blocked off. The belt attaches to a wall reciever and can be detached at a moments notice, from which it will retract smoothly into the wall mounted cartridge. Free standing belt barriers are the most versatile solution for crowd control. This is because they can be relocated if needed for use elsewhere and can cover a variety of spaces without relying on a wall reciever to attach to.

At Workplace Products we can provide you with a wide variety of different belt barriers, ranging in sizes, colours and materials. Choose from a range of different post and belt colours to suit your workplace. We even offer UPVC posts which are a more lightweight alternative to our traditional steel posts.

For advice on the best belt barrier solution for your workplace, get in touch with our sales team via our live chat or over the phone.