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Security Cabinets

Our range of Security Cupboards provide a heavy-duty storage system for a range of working environments. From offices to warehouses. Our cupboards also have the ability to withstand some of the most demanding environments. Our security cabinets are perfect for storing hazardous substances. Also valuable equipment and sensitive data. The extra features included to keep these items secure offers peace of mind to the company. Along with employees within the same area.

Within our selection of high security cupboards. We have included a variety of unique cupboards. That will all provide a secure and safe storage solution. When storing important documents or expensive items. We want to ensure that there is no possible way that these items can get stolen or damaged.

Which Security Cupboards best for me?

Vision Door Cupboards and Heavy Duty Perforated Cupboards are all ideal to ensure that items aren't stolen. With easy visibility to the inside of the security cupboard. Operators can identify goods within at ease.  Additionally, they provide a durable storage solution. Which are ideal for warehouses, factories and offices. These cupboards are also UK manufactured. With special features to ensure they offer the most security. As well as robust strengthened doors, they also have flush no snag handles with secure key locks. The tough powder coated finish and adjustable shelves make these the perfect option. For anyone after a secure cabinet with access to view the inside.

If you are looking for a security cupboard that provides a little extra security. We have the cupboard for you. Our Premium Fire Resistant Cupboards offers up to 30 minutes of fire resistance. With 60mm thick walls, this cabinet is heavy duty and will protect all goods within with ease. The cabinets have a double walled construction. That has a special fire-resistant filling. These cupboards are also burglary proof. As they have 3 sided sliding bolts to provide extra security. Along with the option to have a key lock or electronic lock. Making this ideal for storing any valuables away secure. The standard grey colour allows the cupboard to fit into any environment. Like in an office or warehouse.

Armour Security Cupboards

Another product we offer is the Armour security cupboard range. Available in 3 different heights to cater to the space free on the premise. We offer 6 colour options in these cupboards. So as well as the height fitting the colour can also fit into the environment. These are ideal for storing valuables and confidential papers. Manufactured from 1.6mm welded steel. Also a continuous hinge system which gives greater security than individual ones. The swan neck design of the doors means that the hinges ground through the doors will still stay in place. Offering extra security to the user of the cupboard. They also have heavy duty handles which support a 3-point locking mechanism. The locking system has a heavy-duty locking bar which secures the door through the top and bottom of the frame.

These are a great choice for any environment. As they are so versatile and can be colour customised to match other items around this. So if you need any further information on our security cupboard ranges then please get in touch. Our friendly sales team would be more than happy to help!