Utility Cupboards

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Utility Cupboards

At Workplace Products we have a large range of utility cupboards. These are to suit all requirements. Our selection caters to the needs of everyone. We have a wide range of colours and sizes to pick from. As well as different styles to match different environments. These cabinets suit all working environments, especially janitorial and factory workers. Due to most cupboards having garment rails and shelves included. All utility cupboards have strengthened doors. And a 2-point locking mechanism to enable this. Because of the environment these cupboards are in. They have a Germ Guard Active Technology paint. That helps to create a more hygienic environment. 

What are Utility Cupboards?

A utility cupboard is a cupboard kept in most working environments. To keep equipment or other items stored. These are things that are often used so need to be easy accessible but not cluttering the area they are in. They are also stored in these cupboards to make sure employees are safe. This is from items such as cleaning materials. This helps to stop accidents from happening with items being unsafe or in the way.

All our cupboards come with lots of storage space for items such as cleaning products. The high-quality design of the utility cupboards we offer makes them some of the best options on the market. The wide range of storage units we have come with anti-bacterial fighting properties. To ensure germs aren't spread when used in a janitorial environment. The adjustable shelves that come with cupboards allow for them to be customised. As well as the door colours that we have to make sure the cupboards fit into the room they are in. 

For any further details about the utility cupboards. Please get in touch! Our sales team are available to call, email or live chat.