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Storage systems such as racking & shelving is widely seen throughout warehouses and factories for ensuring the safe keeping of materials within industrial environments. If you store a wide range of products, there are certain items that need specialist storage racks. Our vertical storage and sheet racking is suitable for storing a wide variety of sheet materials and long items.

Sheet Racking

Our sheet racking Is ideal for a number of different materials. Its unique design provides easy access to sheets to ensure workflow isn't interrupted on the production line. Additionally, it’s design still provides a safe and secure solution, so employees health and safety won’t be compromised.

Within our range we have included a variety of designs such as our Multi Height Sheet Rack. This sheet racking is ideal for an area that doesn’t have a standardised sheet size, its ability to handle different sizes & widths creates a durable storage system.

Vertical Racking

Vertical Racking is ideal for storing long items that need to be easily accessed. With the front of the unit exposed, it provides an easy solution for retrieving products. It provides a safe and easy to use storage option. Additionally, with further options of different widths you can identify which storage rack suits your needs.