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Are you tired of your cluttered garage? We hear you! Garages are often neglected and left in complete chaos, but we are here to help you save your garage. With our garage shelving, it contains everything you need to optimise space and create the perfect garage space.  Whether it be old tools, paint pots, or even car spare parts, our shelving bays are easily configured to suit all requirements.  By creating an organised garage space, it will help reduce the time spent searching for lost items.

Within our range, our top garage shelving units can withstand up to 400kg-500kgs. Ideal to store bulky and heavy duty items, they can store away a multitude of objects that clutter your garage. These units include shelving kits, specialised shelving bays plus a variety of storage solutions to effectively neaten your garage.


Assembling shelving may sound like a daunting task, however with our garage shelving bays it couldn't be further from the truth. With all of our garage shelving bays being completely boltless, they provide an simple yet heavy duty solution to shelving. With no nuts or bolts required, these units can be assembled in your garage quickly and easily. All components simply slot together, all that is required is a rubber mallet to tap parts into place.


All of our garage shelving units are high quality for amazing prices. With many different applications & purposes, here are our top 3 garage shelving units to help you decide what is best for you!

Tuff Value Garage 200 Shelving is designed with DIY and garage storage in mind. With a load capacity of 200kg UDL per shelf, it’s a perfect storage solution for everyday garage items. As our most popular garage shelving unit, we have provided a cost-effective bundle deal to help revamp your garage where maximum storage is required.

Garages are used for many different things, so we have bared this in mind with our next garage shelving option. Our Garage Space Saver Racking includes an innovative design which allows a standard size car to park underneath. This amazing space saving design allows you to keep your vehicle safe whilst still having the ability to store over 400kg per shelf. As a result, this shelving system is ideal for garages with limited space!

Other garage shelving options include Shelving storage kits which feature 15 clear or blue plastic boxes. The luxury of these boxes that they can be removed from the shelving unit, offering further storage opportunities.  For more specialised garage shelving, the G15 Galvanised Shelving provides a rust-resisting storage solution for damp garage environments.

With a vast selection to choose from, it’s a guarantee you will be able to find the correct  shelving unit for you. It’s important to note that all shelving has different features, so be sure to read all the information available. For further help, our expert sales team are seconds away via Live Chat!