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Shelving Systems

If you're looking for quality heavy duty shelving systems that will withstand the most demanding of environments, you've come to the right place. We offer a wide range of industrial and storage shelving to suit all applications, and at some of the best prices around.

All our storage shelving solutions are cost-effective and high quality, making them ideal for use in the workplace, industrial and education environments.

Our budget range contains our best value boltless shelving, perfect for general use in the home, garage, office or storeroom. These shelving systems can take heavy loads and come in a number of sizes and configurations. Our best value boltless range is 'Clicka' with a UDL of up to 265kg, which has been tested and certified to the highest European standards. Most budget shelving ranges come with mdf decking as standard which has a hard-wearing but smooth finish. This is perfect for cardboard boxes and plastic storage boxes.

We have a large number of heavy duty shelving system designed to be used in warehouses, factories and storerooms. Check out our Expo 3 and 4 ranges which are easy to assemble and will provide you with excellent value for money. Our rivet shelving bays provide easily adjustable solutions which are strong and robust and can take up to 600kg UDL. Rivet shelving systems are easy to build with the parts simply tapped together by a rubber mallet. It's that simple. The secret to the rivet shelving strength is a central shelf support. This not only supports the mdf but also secures the front and rear horizontal beams together.

For really heavy duty demands, check out our Z rivet shelving range. The Z profile that features on each horizontal beam adds extra strength and rigidity for a really trustworthy shelving system. The beams are so strong and secure that the shelving bays don't need any extra bracing. This results in giving you a shelving system with uninterrupted access on all four sides of each bay.

Boltless Shelving

Quick and easy to assemble. All you need is a mallet to quickly put them together. Available in a range of sizes, you can easily add to and expand these modular systems. Our most flexible boltless shelving range is the Expo 4 shelving system which has been in the marketplace for over 23 years. Thousands of workplaces around the UK and Europe have Expo 4 shelving installed and it's easy to see why this boltless shelving range is so popular. It's strong and versatile with it's fast and simple clip together assembly, plus the numerous sizes and accessories available. The boltless shelving bays can be easy dismantled and reconfigured and our business develops and changes - no need to scrap it and splash out on different shelving systems, the Expo 4 has it all.

Longspan & Widespan Shelving

Our most popular type of shelving. The two terms Longspan shelving and Widespan shelving generally relate to the same type of product. Simply an upright and beam system with a choice of varying widths and heights, generally available with a choice of chipboard, mesh or steel decking. For dry goods choose Chipboard shelves, steel for liquids to wipe clean and mesh for ventilation of goods and sprinkler access.

Galvanised Shelving

A popular choice for many applications. Galvanised shelving looks great due to it's tough and bright finish, and does not rust due to its zinc coating. This gives galvanised shelving a major advantage over other types of shelving system. It's just as easy to build as out boltless shelving - no nut, bolts or screws involved. Galvanised shelves are ideal in environments in which condensation could be an issue, such as cold rooms for food storage or medicinal purposes. Galvanised shelving can be quite costly so if there's a tight budget to work to, check out our Idea 5 Shelving which can hold up to 150kg UDL per shelf.

Chrome Shelving & Chrome Wire Storage Shelves

As well as having a stylish and modern appearance, chrome wire shelving is extremely hard wearing and smooth with a surface which will not snag. Wire shelving systems are ideal for use in the home or office as well as retail displays. The open wire shelves offer excellent light distribution on to the items displayed and stored. Chrome wire shelving is also ideally suited to kitchens where storage for crockery, pots & pans and dry food is required. With excellent ventellation qualites, the wire shelving is also suitable for use in laundry and linen stores. Selecting chrome shelving for your office or in your retail area would give a great contemporary look as well as providing a practical storage solution.

Archive Shelving

Generally, archive shelving systems are longspan or widespan shelving bays designed to hold a number of storage or archive boxes for long periods of time. Generally taking loads of around 500kg UDL per shelf and they're available in single or double box depths. Replacement boxes are available for archive shelving systems should you require more to replace damaged boxes which can occur over time.

Office Shelving

Here we’re referring to heavy duty office shelving that’s designed to withstand the toughest demands, yet still be aesthetically pleasing. Our great office storage can transform your working environment.

If you need help or advice on any of our storage shelving you can either call our Sales Team on 01922 743833 or start a Live Chat. Just click the link at the top of the page and our friendly and helpful staff will be more than happy to assist with your enquiry.