Emergency Escape Signs

Emergency escapse signs are an essential feature for all workplaces. They are designed to show people the quickest and safest way out of your premises in the event of an emergency.

Many workplaces will be required by law to have Emergency Escape signs while other premises may want to use them to generally improve health and safety. They should be placed on doors and walls in a way that directs people out of the building in the most efficient way. We offer signage to indicate where the nearest assembly point is and signs that direct people to the nearest fire exit.

These signs use both words and images to indicate to the user the safest route out of the building but we do also offer signage that includes braile. The pictograms vary between each sign and we also offer portrait, landscape and projecting options to ensure you can get ideal signage for your premises.

Make sure you are prepared for a fire or other emergency with our range of signage. If you need any assistance in choosing the right signs your workplace get in touch with us via the phone or our live chat, we're happy to help.