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First Aid Cabinets

At Workplace Products we have a large selection of First Aid Cabinets. Available for all types of environments. Popular in hospitals, workplaces and GP Surgeries. Our first aid cabinets come delivered assembled and supplied empty. Thus allowing the customer to stock them with the items most relevant to the environment. All the cabinets are UK manufactured to the highest quality. The main ranges include first aid locker, cabinets, wall mounted first aid cabinets and mobile options. We have our standard range of lockable first aid cabinets, as well as the high security medical cupboards we offer. These are for storing prescription drugs and medicines secure.

Why have first aid cabinets?

First aid cabinets are an important feature in any business. Due to accidents that can happen on a regular basis and it’s important to prepare. By having a first aid cabinet, it helps to reduce the risk within the workplace. Not only that but it helps to meet the current legislation requirements of health and safety. Making them complaint first aid options. Our first aid cupboards provide a safe and easily accessible location. In this case to store emergency supplies. Thus saving time in a medical emergency by being easy for first aiders to use. This in turn could reduce the impact of the injury for the person with the emergency. 

Which cabinet is best for me?

Our range of first aid cupboards come in a variety of sizes and are manufactured from prime steel. They all include recognisable identification labels to ensure they aren't missed. Due to the content in these first aid cabinets. We have included reinforced doors in all cupboards. They are also all painted in tough powder coated finish. Which has germ guarded active technology anti-bacterial paint.

The first aid cabinet we offer is one of the biggest double door options we have available. So it would be ideal for a bigger company with lots of employees. Or somewhere that requires a lot of first aid equipment that needs storing. This cabinets made from prime steel with labels that are recognisable in an instant. The inside includes adjustable spill retaining galvanised shelfs. These are great for spill management. The integral liquid tight sump encourages employees to handle spills correct. The no snag 2-point locking system also makes sure the items stored in the cupboard are safe and secure at all times.

Our Mobile cupboards have a lot of the same features that the bigger cabinet option has. As well as the smaller lockers. One of the main different features is the wheels making it a mobile cabinet. This is a very handy feature to have when in places such as hospitals. As it's easy to move around the busy environment. To help with any emergencies they might have. Or to transport equipment needed in other parts of the hospital.

Furthermore for any extra information about the first aid cabinets. Our friendly sales team would be happy to help, get in touch via live chat, call or email!