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Extension ladders are an industry standard solution for working at height.

Extension Ladders are made up of a standard rung ladder with another ladder section attached to it. This additional section acts as the extension. The section either slides or folds out to create a longer ladder that can achieve a far greater working height. Each extendable section can be locked in at various intervals to adjust the overall ladder height to an appropriate level for the task at hand.

Our range of products includes both double and triple extension ladders.  A double extension ladder consists of two sections saving on space and weight. A Triple extension ladder will allow you to reach a much higher working height using the three sections. All our extension ladders feature non-slip feet and rungs to improve their safety whilst in use.

Be sure to look out for the EN131 certifications in the product descriptions. This will help you find the ladders that are best suited for regular, heavy duty work.

Extension Ladders for all workplaces

One of the most notable differences between our extension ladders is the material they are made from. More often than not extension ladders are made from aluminium. This is a rigorously tested and trusted material that produces some of the most reliable ladders on the market. They are ideal as general purpose ladders suitable for most trade work and domestic use.

Fibreglass Ladders are the alternative we offer to Aluminium Ladders. Fibreglass extension ladders are popular with those who work around electricity. As fibreglass is a non-conductive material it is an essential piece of kit for working around electrical hazards. It is also a lighter material than aluminium making it easier to transport but it is often more costly.

We also offer specialist extendable roof ladders. These are specifically designed for roof use and feature a heavy duty hook that secures the ladder in place, safely and securely.

You can rest assured that you’re getting the best when you buy renowned brands like Hailo and Werner. We have a variety of sizes on offer so you can find the ideal extension ladder for your place of work.

If you need any help deciding which specific ladder you should select, use the live chat to get in touch. We’re happy to help!