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If you're looking for an alternative to metal for your storage then our Plastic Shelving is the perfect solution for you. Their plastic construction means that they won't rust or corrode in humid conditions and will forever retain their heavy duty properties.

Plastic shelving is often found in greenhouses, garages and storerooms. As these environments are prone to moisture that might make the metal rust on steel shelving. The units can go in damp conditions without worry.

Plastic shelving is also a very popular storage choice for the food and catering sector. As the shelves are removable and washed down easy. This allows them to keep up with the exceptional hygiene standards needed. Designed to be lightweight and moved with ease. Castors are also an optional extra on some of our shelving. As standard our units come with adjustable feet for use on uneven floors.

Combining the non-corrosive qualities of plastic with the strength of steel

When compared to steel, plastic shelving is sometimes seen as flimsy, but this isn't the case. Our heavy duty plastic shelving has a load capacities of up to 360kg per shelf. This large load capacity provides heavy duty storage. The plastic construction doesn’t diminish its ability withstand the most demanding environments. Although a lightweight alternative, plastic can meet the requirements needed in industrial areas.

Boltless assembly & fully adjustable

Our boltless plastic shelving requires no nuts or bolts. To construct the shelving bays, slot the sections together. Then drop each shelf into the frame and press into position. It's that simple to assemble your heavy duty plastic shelving unit. Also with the option of solid and vented panels. Providing an effective air ventilation system for environments such as bathrooms and greenhouses. These shelves are dishwasher friendly if they become at all dirty.

Do you need help deciding what plastic shelving unit would be most suitable for you? If so our trained sales staff are seconds away via live chat or over the phone, ready to help!