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Steel Storage Cabinets

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Steel Storage Cupboards are robust and fit into any office or warehouse workspace

If you are looking for metal cupboards, no doubt you're considering steel cupboards because of their robust construction. The good news is we have identified and sourced a range of products that have aesthetic values as well as that heavy duty performance you seek.

Next Day Delivery Steel Cupboards

The stainless steel finish looks contemporary, stylish and functional in any workspace. Whether you're intending to use these metal cupboards in modern offices or for busy warehouse or factory settings, the features on offer here are very tempting.

Lets start off with the sturdy 2 point locking mechanism. Usually metal cupboards in this class have only one point locking doors. The disadvantage of this is that the doors can be bent out of shape quite easily. Having 2 point locking makes the force exerted on the locking points equal at the top and bottom of the doors. It is therefore much harder to mis-shape the doors. It is also more secure when locked and presents more of a challenge for thieves.

Next lets look at the double doors. They open through 180 degrees which allows for easy access to the shelves within. The shorter height metal cupboards have 1 shelf and the taller height versions have 3 shelves.

We are confident you will have many years of usage out of such a robust steel cupboard. However to make the purchase more enticing this range has a 7 year guarantee!

Metal Cupboards of this nature aren't usually available for next day delivery, but ours are. All you need to do is make your purchase before 12pm.