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Steel Storage Cabinets

Our range of Steel Storage Cabinets are a reliable storage solution. This is for all working environments. Manufactured with a sturdy steel construction. These metal cabinets configure at ease to suit all individual requirements. Also their metallic finish provide a stylish metal cupboard. Which is suitable in a multitude of locations. Environments such as offices, schools. Also factories and warehouses use our steel storage cupboards to store valuables inside.

Within our range, we have included a variety of steel storage cabinets. All include unique functionalities to provide an extensive range of storage cupboards. From a selection of colours, sizes and accessories to include within your metal storage cupboard. These units are available for a multitude of uses. Such as our Wardrobe Cupboards include a hanging rail and shelf. Which can store away work clothing plus room for other items such as documents. Some of our cupboards are standalone units or complete wall covering solutions.

Which Steel Storage Cabinets are best for me?

Probe Cupboards

Our Probe Cupboards are perfect for commercial use. They are a light to medium duty cupboard for workplaces, offices and garage. All Probe cupboards are UK manufactured from high grade mild steel. For extra quality and strength. The body has 3 colours to choose from along with 7 door colours so these can fit into any environment colours. All units have shelves included which can load up to 65kg UDL. As well as being adjustable to suit your needs. The active coat powder coating on these cabinets helps to maintain hygiene levels. As well as being effective against harmful bacteria. This is useful if a lot of people have to touch the cupboard. For added security the heavy duty 10 micro sprung disc lock is supplied with 2 keys. In addition to the doors having 5 knuckle hinges for added durability and strength.

Armour Commercial Cupboards

The Armour Commercial cupboards are a strong steel cupboard. Also suitable for the workplace. The no snag 2-point locking handles ensure extra security with these cupboards. They also have reinforced steel doors to help with this. The metal storage cabinets comes with powder coated adjustable shelves. Which have a load capacity of 75kg UDL. The strong weld construction plus rivet finish ensures a long product life on each cupboard. The 6 colour options mean these are ideal storage cupboards. Especially in office and workplaces. They also come with a powder coated finish. Which is anti-bacterial germ guard protected.

Silverline Kontrax Steel Cupboards

The Silverline Kontrax steel cupboards are available in flat pack form. Or assembled to suit delivery as required. We offer both options to make it as easy as possible for the customer. We also have 5 colour options available. Which would all fit into an office environment and look stylish and professional. Whilst remaining strong and robust. To ensure security when using the cupboard it comes with a 2 key mastered series lock. In addition to full door length stiffeners. All our Kontrax steel cupboards come FIRA Certified. Ensuring the product meets the relevant legislation. As well as meet the highest standards within the furniture industry.

Within the same day, you can have a functional storage system, with no hassle included. Yet, it's important to note that not all our steel storage cupboards come assembled. This feature displayed clear via the product description. For further information our sales team are seconds away via live chat.