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Storage kits are ideal for a variety working environments. These shelving units are often chosen because of their versatility. With storage boxes included and various styles to choose from, you can customise each shelving bay to suit your requirements. Commonly found in warehouses, garages, stockrooms, offices and more, they will help you provide a neat and tidy work environment.

High Quality Storage Kits With Boxes At Affordable Prices

All of the storage kits are manufactured with easy shelving assembly in mind using a boltless design. Without nuts and bolts, they are constructed within minutes with minimal effort. The only extra component needed is a rubber mallet to simply tap the structure together, it's that easy! With load capacities ranging from 200kg-265kg, they provide a durable shelving unit that can withstand heavy duty needs.

Our storage kits are accompanied by lightweight containers, which provide storage suitable for a multitude of applications. From the simplest of tasks, such as storing away paperwork, to the more industrial usage including the storage of tools. These shelving kits will perform to the highest of standards to ensure the safe keeping of goods. All of the shelves are fully-adjustable in order for the shelving bays to easily configured to meet individual needs. Manufactured from steel, it maximises the durability of the shelving kit to withstand the demands of a modern day working environment.

Easily configured to meet your requirements

Within our range, we have a vast selection of storage kits to pick from. Each shelving unit is fully adjustable to suit your requirements. Whilst being an attractive and efficient storage solution, they still provide a durable shelving bay to maximise usage.

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