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Chrome Shelving is ideal for a whole variety of work conditions. As well as home environments. Whilst being cost effective and manufactured to the highest quality. They provide a durable and robust chrome shelving unit which is why they're so popular. A common use is in catering, medical storerooms, garages. As well as greenhouses and offices, they are also versatile.

If you're limited on space and need a durable wire shelving unit. Then our chrome shelving may be the solution to all your problems. Our exclusive range includes a variety of heights, widths and depths to choose from. Not forgetting, we have included a chrome wire trolley with wheels. For those who need manoeuvrable shelving system. These mobile chrome shelving units are ideal to transport goods. Plus have a large load capacity of 300kg per wire shelf.

ESD Anti-Static Chrome Wire Shelving

With wire shelving racks often used or placed near electrical equipment. We have included a variety of shelving rack systems to cater to these anti-static needs. These ESD chrome wire shelving bays are ideal to store computers and televisions. Plus radio's and so much more electrical equipment used on a daily basis. Our ESD Chrome Wire Shelving (300kg) is a perfect example of these effective chrome shelving units. With anti-static castors plus further accessories, you can kit out your shelving bay. This will make it anti-static within minutes.

ESD Chrome Wire Trolley, you also have the option of a manoeuvrable shelving trolley. This also has the ability to provide an anti-static system. It's important to consider an anti-static chrome shelving system. Especially if you use electrical goods on a daily basis. Anti-static shelving can provide a safe working environment for your employee's and visitors. Whilst still being cost-effective.


All our wire shelving units are customizable for all requirements. As well as selected with our customers in mind. The wire shelving is available with wheels, accessories and high load capacities. With a bright chrome finish, it provides an attractive shelving system. Which will fit into any working environment with ease. If you need an attractive chrome shelving unit with high load capacities, you're in luck. Our chrome wire shelving has load capacities from 300kg UDL per shelf. Thus any heavy duty chrome requirements are dealt with.


All our chrome shelving has a easy assemble design. Without the need for nuts and bolts or any specialist tools; all you need is a rubber mallet! Additionally, chrome shelving is notoriously strong. Also durable making it suitable storage for light or heavy items. Wire shelving racks also allows for excellent air circulation. Thus making it perfect for storing dry food. As well as computer workstations, laundry and linen stores.

Our Chrome Wire Shelving is the ideal chrome shelving solution. With a 300kg weight capacity and a quick and easy assembly time. It’s the perfect basic shelving unit for any workplace. Furthermore, various accessories are also available including panels, rails and extra shelves.

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