Janitorial Equipment

We'll help you keep your workplace clean and tidy with our range of Janitorial Equipment. Ranging from Floor Cleaners to Mopping and Housekeeping Trolleys, we have industrial cleaning equipment from some of the worlds best known brands including Numatic and Rubbermaid.

Keep your floors sparkling with our Floor Cleaners and Vacuum Cleaners

Within our vacuum cleaners range we have vacs to suit most budgets, starting with our Industrial Wet and Dry Cleaners. These are high powered, lightweight vacuum cleaners constructed from high impact plastic, with large drum sizes and long cables to make sure you don't have to keep stopping to unplug or empty the unit. The range also features popular Numatic brand cleaners such as the famous Henry and Hetty units. These vacs are available at very competitive prices and come complete with multiple accessories. At the other end of the range we have specialist vacuum cleaners for fine dust, and also twin motor industrial cleaners for collecting up dust and rubble.
We've made sure all of our floor cleaners are user friendly and provide a great finish. There's many options to select from including standard upright, rotary, corded or battery powered, and even ride on scrubber dryer cleaners.

Mops and Mopping Trolleys for many different environments

Mopping trolleys are an essential piece of cleaning equipment for any workplace and we have a trolley to suit the type of environment you work in. To compliment our mopping trolleys we have a range of mops and accessories. We offer traditional wet mops and also dry mops with a choice of material heads.

Keep you janitor organised with our range of cleaning trolleys

From small carousel type trolleys to the more common cleaning trolleys by well known brands such a Rubbermaid, we have the perfect way to keep your cleaning equipment and supplies tidy and in order.
Our Cleaning Carousels are made by leading brand Numatic and offer a cost effective alternative to the larger standard trolleys. Ideal for small and medium sized office environments where cloths, sprays and bottle can be stored easily and are at hand when ever you need them. For areas of heavier use or where larger pieces of cleaning equipment are required, our janitor and high capacity cleaning trolleys are ideal with their complete systems. Offering large storage spaces, ergonomic handles and easy to clean surfaces to name but a few features.

Laundry Trolleys and Housekeeping Trolleys

We know that in the workplace we have to be organised to keep an efficient and productive working environment. We also realise this applies to many industries, especially the hospitality industry, so we've put together a concise range of trolleys to help you out. The range features products such as folding laundry bag trolleys all the way up to full room service or housekeeping trolleys from leading brand Rubbermaid that you'll see in hotels and workplaces all over the world. We've also done our best to bring these trolleys to you at great prices also, so take a look and select the best laundry or housekeeping trolley for you.

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