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Galvanised Shelving

Galvanised Shelving

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Reliable, sturdy and durable. Some key traits we look for when purchasing shelving. Well, what if I was to tell you that our range of Galvanised shelving can offer this and more. Whilst providing heavy duty load capacities, these shelving units are ideal for a multitude of locations due to their unique zinc coated finish. This zinc finish protects the shelving bays from any corrosion and rust whilst offering an attractive finish.


As previously mentioned, galvanised shelving can resist damp and humid environments due to it's zinc finish. Our shelving units can be found in medical storerooms, food storage and greenhouses. All of these locations contain moisture in the air, normally shelving bays overtime would rot and weaken due to the humidity. But, with galvanised shelving it's functionalities and durability doesn't fade. With a protective zinc finish, these shelving units can withstand a variety of environments with complete ease.

As well as the obvious benefits of using galvanised shelving, all of our units are manufactured with reinforced steel. With the added bonus of maximum strength and durability, our galvanised shelving bays have the ability to hold heavy duty loads. With weight capacities ranging from 300-400kg, they are ideal for store rooms in search of a reliable and heavy duty shelving system.


Due to it's versatile features, galvanised shelving can be use in all working environments. From basic shelving bays to more specialised units with mesh backs and hooks. These galvanised shelves can be used as garage shelving, office shelving and even kitchen shelving. The beauty with these units they can suit all storage requirements with ease. Our E3 Galvanised Modular Shelving units are a perfect example of the versatility these units hold. This particular shelving unit is designed with a simply assembly without the need of nuts and bolts. All that is required is a rubber mallet, to simply tap the components together. With the option to add cladding, accessories and extra shelves these units are completely customisable to your requirements.

If you require galvanised shelving for general usage, then our Value Steel Shelving is the perfect storage solution. Whilst being extremely cost effective, these units are highly durable with a load capacity of 175kg. These shelving bays are ideal for garages, due to their design and sizes. They can easily store paint pots, boxes, tools and so much more!

As you can see, our range of galvanised shelving can cater to a variety of environments with ease. What these shelving units can offer, is vast and will be an asset to any garage, office or warehouses. If you need further help to kit out your workplace with our galvanised shelving, why not get in touch. Our sales team are seconds away via live chat!