Racking Systems

Racking Systems

Where are industrial racking systems good for?

You will commonly see the best racking systems in tough and demanding environments. More particularly in areas such as warehouses and factories. This is a direct result of their requirements to store large and heavy items. This consequently means there is a high demand for robust industrial storage solutions that are able to withstand these testing environments. Our commercial warehouse racking units are designed to do just this. They feature heavy duty steel uprights as well as durable racking levels. This will consequently allow them to provide a reliable industrial racking solution.

How do I find the right racking system for my workplace

Our storage racks all vary by way of design. This is because of the unique nature of the the products that they need to hold. For example: Our cantilever racking will store long items like pipes and timber. Whereas our tyre racking systems are perfect for garages and storerooms.

In order to make the right decision on which racking system best suits your requirements. You may want some expert advice. At Workplace Products we can help you select the best industrial and commercial storage racks. From our standard pallet racking and longspan storage racks, to our vertical sheet racking. We guarantee to help you find the perfect storage solution. Simply get in touch with our friendly Sales Team. We will try our best to answer your technical queries, or to organise a free, no obligation site visit and quotation.