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Archway Lockers are an ideal storage solution for awkward areas without a lot of space. 

There are many variations of archway lockers that can provide storage for personal belongings up to 16 people per unit. Between each side of the lockers is a bridging section. This is ideal for clothing and other items that can be hung from the handy fitted garment hooks and rail that extends between both sides of the lockers on these units. This means you can make the most of your space, avoiding buying lockers with hanging space and offering the hanging rail as an alternative.

Each compartment of our archway lockers is fitted with a standard mastered cam lock, each with 2,000 differs for added security. Not only are these lockers very secure, they are also supplied powder coated with anti-bacterial protection to keep germs and bacteria at bay. This powder coated finish is available in a wide variety of popular colours which allows you to match your company branding or fit in with the colour scheme that you already have set up in your workplace.

For further information on archway lockers, please contact us via our handy live chat at the bottom of this page, or by calling our friendly and knowledgeable sales team.