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E4 Modular Shelving

E4 Shelving

E4 Modular Shelving

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Planning the storage layout of E4 Modular Shelving

Front view and footprint


Nominal Height* H

Nominal Width* W

Nominal Depth* D

Clear Entry CE


Total Width - Starter Bay TWST (TWST=W+42mm)

Total Width - Extension Bay TWEX (TWEX=W+6mm)

Centre Width CW (CW=W+6mm)

Total Depth TD (TD=D+20mm)

* Dimensions used in price tables

Shelf pitch

A. Minimum first shelf level height (Clip in first hole)

B. Shelf pitch - Distance between shelves

C. Clear entry - useable space between shelf levels

D. Shelf thickness (30mm)

*If using metal feet and/or a plinth, the minimum shelf level height
  is 76mm as the shelf clip is attached in the 2nd hole

E4 Shelving Bay Load Capacities (kgs)

How to calculate exact Shelf Pitch (B)

Height of item stored + Shelf Thickness divided by 25 = Round decimal up to the next whole number and multiply by 25


357mm (Height of stored items) + 30mm (Shelf Thickness) / 25 = 15.48 rounded up to 16 x 25 = 400mm Shelf Pitch

Planning and installation, full project service, Live Chat to request a site visit!

Sometimes, shelving units don't suit our requirements due to the lack of customisation. Whilst they provide a durable shelving bay, we might just simply want more. Well, with this in mind we have provided a truly tailored shelving system. Our E4 Modular Shelving units are ideal for all of your storage needs due the ability to customise to your requirements. 

Whilst being reliable and robust, they provide a variety of storage options. As shown, we provide a variety of accessories such as bins, shelves, clothing rails, tyre racks and so on. These innovating storage options, provide a storage for a vast range of items. Not forgetting, these units also have a load capacity of 250kg. Due to it's all steel construction, they can provide a sturdy Modular Shelving unit that can withstand demanding environments. 

Modular Shelving, the system of choice

Modular shelving is commonly known as the "system of choice". Which isn't surprising when they offer the widest range of sizes and accessories on the market. All of our modular shelving units offers a solution to meet any design brief, whether its a few bays for the office, a multi-tier system or high bay project for the warehouse.  

All of our E4 Modular Shelving units and easy to install and adjust. With a unique friction steel clip, it allows you to connect the units together with ease. The starter bay could be normal shelving, the bay next to it could be document storage and the bay next to that could store car tyres! The possibilities are endless.

Strong & simple shelving bays, delivered in 5 working days.