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PPE Clothing Cupboards

PPE is an abbreviation of the term Personal Protective Equipment. PPE is essential in environments where you use hazardous machinery or substances. As a result of the importance of PPE, you may also wish to consider investing in PPE storage cupboards, cabinets or lockers to help prevent any damage to your protective equipment. PPE Cupboards are the ideal storage solution for workplace clothing and protective equipment. Specially designed to house all PPE equipment and clothing including work boots, hard hats and high-vis's. In addition to this, their high-quality finish and robust construction provides a safe, stylish and secure unit that can withstand some of the most demanding environments.

Our range of PPE Cabinets boast a variety of unique features, therefore are versatile and practical. Within any working environment, the safe keeping of personal belongings and clothing is important.


No workplace is exactly the same. For this reason work regulations and needs frequently change. This is evident within our entire PPE range. The Armour PPE Shelf Cupboards are ideal for work boots, hard hats & other items which can be quickly and easily stored away on a shelf. Whereas if you require PPE clothing storage, the range of Armour PPE Clothing Cupboards are available with a half or full width garment rail and shelves to suite.

Our PPE Clothing Cupboards are built from robust steel for extra strength and durability. With a welded frame to keep personal items safe. They have strengthened reinforced doors also a durable anti-bacterial powder coating finish. The cupboards come complete with identification labels so everyone in the workplace knows what they are used for.

Our PPE Workstation is an excellent alternative to these PPE cupboards. They have the ability to hold all essential items to properly equip hazardous working areas. As well as this, the PPE Workstations will also provide the space to store workwear such as boots, hard hats, earplugs and first aid equipment. Available in a sloping top version, meaning you can create areas that operators can either sit, stand and report at.

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