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Hazardous Storage Cabinets

Hazardous Storage Cabinets
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COSHH stands for Control of Substances Hazardous to Health. It is a set of regulations within the law that requires employers to control hazardous substances to prevent ill health. The cabinets, cupboards and chests shown in this category all provide safe and secure ways to store hazardous chemicals and substances that may harm workers.

Most businesses will use products that are mixtures of substances that can be harmful, such as; bleach and cleaning products, and paints and coatings. If you work in a Lab then chances are you need to find storage for acids and alkalis. These should be kept in suitable storage conditions that are correctly signed to show workers what potentially harmful substances are inside.

In addition to decent hazardous storage solutions, as an employer you should regularly check the health hazards around your workplace, decide how to prevent any harm to workers health via risk assessments and then make sure the control measures are put in place and followed.

To find out more about why CoSHH is so important, visit the HSE website.

Storage for Hazardous Substances

Storing hazardous substances is an important element within the workplace. Some chemicals can harm the enviroment and your health, so it's important that it's correctly stored. Our hazardous storage solutions all adhere to CoSHH regulations and feature 2-point locking handles, spill-retaining galvanised shelves and integral sumps for handling spills.

Cupboards can be purchased with an optional stand which raises the CoSHH cabinet off the ground by 500mm. Wall cupboard options come pre-drilled for mounting (fixings not included). Our Hazardous Storage Cabinets are our best selling solutions.

Justrite - A premium brand in our selection

We are proud to have these premium hazardous storage cabinets on our website. Designed to store hazardous chemicals to protect your health and facility from a potential fire. Justrite is known for it's innovative designs and excellent product features.

Here are just some of the product features that make this range stand out:

  1. Exceed the requirements of HSG51, 2015 (HSE Storage of Flammable Liquids in Containers, 3rd Edition)
  2. Meets the requirements of HSG140, 2015 (HSE Safe Use and Handling of Flammable Liquids, 2nd Edition)
  3. 10 minute fire tested at up to 1,300 degrees C (independent testing)
  4. Internal temperature during fire test kept below the auto ignition temperature of vast majority of flammable liquids
  5. Can help justify storage of more volume of flammable liquids than HSG51 would normally allow
  6. Fully load tested
  7. Self-closing models have fusible links that close the doors at 74 degrees C
  8. 10 year limited warranty
  9. FM approved
  10. Keep dangerous liquids safely organised and segregated

For more info read the product descriptions to understand how they can vastly improve your workplace safety.

Chemical Storage Chests & Boxes

Finished in bright yellow, with relevant hazard warning signs fitted as standard, our chests and boxes are ideal for high capacity requirements. Constructed using 2mm and 3mm steel, they are built to specification for half an hour fire resistance and come with a fully tested and welded sump base to prevent any spill from leaking.

Caring for your Cabinets

Our first tip is to always keep your chemicals in closed containers within the cabinet. If there is a spillage inside the cabinet there is a gap at the back of the angled shelves. The harmful substance will be collected in the sump at the base of the cabinet. Remind users to clean up spills quickly. The design of shelves and sump will help but it will need attention sooner rather than later. Make sure your hazardous liquid storage is level and indoors, typically in a well vented area. Ideally the area will have low humidity too. You may be temped to nest cabinets together which requires drilling so you can bolt the cabinets together. This is a bad idea as it will reduce the fire retardant and negate FM approval of our Justrite models.

Our last tip is to regularly check each cabinet is fully operational. Check doors properly close and latch. Follow these few tips and your cabinets should last a good while!

If you need any assistance in finding the right COSHH Cabinets for you, use the live chat and get in touch or give our sales team a call.