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Racking Systems

Racking is commonly found in industrial environments. Facilities such as warehouses and factories are prone to store heavy duty items which need a storage option that can withstand these testing environments. Our Racking Units do just this. Manufactured from the strongest materials, we are able to provide a robust and durable racking system for a variety of environments.

Finding the right racking system for you?

Understanding which racking system suits your needs can require expert advice to ensure you purchase the correct racking. At workplace products, we can help select which racking from our range will suit all of your needs and more. From our standard pallet racking to our specialised tyre racking, we guarantee you will find a racking unit to suit your needs. So, why not check out our range and check out what we have to offer!

Pallet racking

Whilst being extremely cost effective, pallet racking provides a secure and heavy duty rack which is ideal for warehouses & factories. With our load capacities ranging from 2000kg per level, it allows for pallet storage and other heavy duty items to be stored with ease. Our pallet racking allows for easy access to ensure that forklifts can easily remove or add to the racking units. Due to their versatile properties they can fit into any situation and provide a reliable pallet racking system.

Longspan Racking

Longspan racking is the most utilised choice of warehouse racking. This popular racking system has a versatile design which provides a durable and robust storage solution. With its unique design, you can adjust the pallet racking beams to suit to type of goods you are storing. Within our range, we have units ideal to store items up to 500kg per level. Manufactured from durable steel, it can accommodate these high load capacities with ease. Whilst the pallet beams provide the initial durability, the chipboard shelving help create a reliable racking system.

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is a heavy duty racking systems that can easily provide storage for large horizontal items that vary in width. Such objects as timber, pipes, steel tubes are easily stored with this cantilever racking system. With options of single or double-sided racking units, it provides the choose on how to store goods due to the space allocated. Each of our cantilever racks comes with 3 arms per frame, with the options to add or deduct due to your preference.

Storage Racks

Storage racks are ideal to store awkward and wide sheets. Whilst providing a safe and secure unit, they ensure that the sheets are easily accessible. Within our range, there are a variety options to store awkward objects. From Vertical Storage Racks to our Bar Cradles, we can ensure that all items are easily stored.  Due to their unique design, storage racks don't inhibit the workflow helping improve productivity.

Tyre Racking

Tyre racking is ideal for, well tyres! Standard tyre racking units are supplied as 450mm depth, but they can be adjusted to suit different sized tyres.  Within our range we have units that will accommodate up to 14-60 tyres per bay. With a vast selection of heights and widths, we’ll defiantly have the ideal solution for you. Additionally, we offer a free site consultation to take all this hassle away and help discuss your ideal solution.

As you can see, we offer a range of racking. So, if you still need help picking out which racking system suits you. Why not get in touch, we are seconds away via live chat!