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Coin Operated Lockers

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Lockers to help you avoid lost keys and the misuse of storage in public spaces.

We have a huge range of lockers here at Workplace Products. These coin operated lockers are some of our most popular for use in many location such as gyms, fitness centres, spas and swimming pools. The need for a coin encourages users to take more care of their key.

All of our coin locks are 'dual pound', meaning they will accept old style and current 12 sided pound coins. They can also be made to operate with a comprehensive range of coins or tokens.

Coin retain or Coin return lockers?

There are two different mechanisms in our coin operated locker locks for you to choose from.

The first option is the coin return lock. This requires a pound coin to be inserted by the user to lock the compartment, and then returns that coin when the user is finished and unlocks the locker. This an effective way to encourage the user to return to the locker so they don’t miss out on getting their pound back. It also helps to motivate the user to take good care of the locker key, avoiding the issues that arise when keys are lost.

The second option available to you is a coin retain lock. This also requires a coin or token to lock the compartment, but does not return the coin to the user. This not only provides the user with an incentive to make good use of the locker but also provides you with an additional source of revenue. The coins are stored safely in a compartment attached to the lock, ready for a member of staff to unlock and collect later on.

Wet and dry area locks

To maintain good working order, you will want to evaluate the environment in which they will be used in.

Both of our replacement locks come in both wet and dry area variants to make sure you can update your locks no matter where they are being used. For lockers being used in a wet area, such as a changing room or poolside, the wet area locks are designed to avoid rusting or deteriorating over time while exposed to moisture.

Replacement coin locks

With the arrival of the new pound coin earlier this year a lot of older locks will gradually become obsolete. Rather than buying a whole set of new lockers, why not just replace the old locks?

All our locks accept both the new and old pound coins so you won’t be leaving out any customers. We can also offer locks that accept euros, 50 and 20 pence pieces and coin shaped tokens, often given out in reception areas. Just get in touch to let us know which one of these you will need. 

If you need any help in selecting your coin operated lockers or replacement locks, let us know using the live chat or give us a call.