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Charging Lockers

Safely charge those batteries in the workplace without a worry.

These innovative charging lockers enable you to safely and securely charge items including mobile phones and power tools for use around the workplace. Having trailing cables and chargers loose around the workplace or work site can cause major health and safety issues and valuable items can be at risk of theft. These lockers help prevent all of these problems.

Most of our charging lockers have an independent door per compartment, which is useful for the storage of personal items. TabBox and LapBox USB charging lockers can be fitted with a single door that covers all compartments, which is more beneficial for communal access to all the compartments. All of the charging lockers also feature perforated doors and sides to help disperse any heat build up from the items on charge.

Our charging lockers are available in multi-compartment options and do not need to be installed. The portable locker units simply need to be placed and plugged in to start using straight away. There are numerous door colours available to match your company branding or office décor, plus each locker is powder coated using anti-bacterial paint for a hygienic finish.

USB Charging Lockers

Both the TabBox and LabBox ranges of lockers not only feature a plug socket but also come with a USB socket, perfect for charging phones, body cams and other USB devices.