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Reasons to buy Lockers in the UK

A Locker is a simple and effective way of providing your staff, customers and guests with secure storage for their personal belongings.

Lockers for any workplace

At Workplace Products we offer a huge range of products to meet all of your personal storage needs. These include our standard range and our specialist lockers, designed for tackling more challenging environments. We can offer a variety of compartment sizes to accommodate various items including backpacks, handbags, electronic devices, tools and more.

Buying your lockers

As we have such a vast amount of secure storage on offer it can be quite difficult to know which range is the ideal solution for your workplace. There are a few important questions to keep in mind when selecting your lockers.

Who will be using them?

This might be the most important question to ask yourself when looking to buy. Depending on who will be using the locker, the specification needed may change completely. Most adults are quite comfortable using our standard size, which are 1800mm tall, but children will require shorter metal lockers, located in our school lockers category.

Will it be employees or the public using your lockers? Employees can often be trusted with responsibility for their own compartment and the accompanying key. For use by the public you may want to consider industrial range. These are designed to stand up to more rigorous or heavy handed use. These come with additional perks, including security shelves and reinforced doors. We also offer coin return and retain locking options. These are popular choices for public changing rooms in swimming pools and gyms.

Which locker type?

Our range of products can be split up in a few ways but the easiest way is to divide them into standard metal lockers and specialist lockers.

Our metal lockers are exactly what you would expect them to be. They are a quality steel construction with doors attached, allowing access to individual compartments. As standard they come supplied with easy to use cam locks with two keys, but can be upgraded if you require it. Metal lockers are best suited to dry indoor areas such as staff rooms, school corridors, changing rooms without showers and offices.

There are a few different advantages to the ranges that we offer. This includes the fast delivery of our Express Lockers, the affordable prices of our Budget Lockers, the quality of our Standard Storage Steel Lockers and the heavy duty capabilities of our Industrial Lockers.

Our specialist products are for all the scenarios where our steel lockers aren’t the most ideal solution. They are far more suited to the specific requirements of certain environments. For wet areas such as swimming pools and changing rooms or for use outside, plastic lockers are a popular choice because they will not rust. We also offer variations of the standard locker that are better configured for storing workwear and PPE equipment and our popular Wire Mesh storage for high visual security and ventilation. For areas with a lot of technology or tools we also offer charging lockers.

How much locker storage do you need?

Choosing the width, depth and amount of compartments in your locker storage is dependent on the amount of people you are offering them to and the type of items they will be storing. The amount of compartments you will need for a school will be very different from the amount you need for staff lockers.

The amount of compartments will need to equal the amount of staff, students or members of the public that will need secure storage at one time. The more difficult part is deciding on how many compartments should be in each unit.

Single and 2 door units can accommodate most needs. This includes clothes storage and personal effects because of the top shelf that is installed, ideal as staff lockers. 3 or 4 compartments are more suited towards storing medium sized items such as backpacks, handbags and bike helmets. This makes them ideal for use as school lockers, or in offices and changing rooms. 6 or more compartments are suitable for electronic items, personal effects and tool storage. When storing these kinds of items it is worth considering charging lockers, making sure these daily essentials are always charged and ready.

Do you need different locks and accessories?

We offer a range of upgrades to help improve the functionality of your units. The most common upgrade is to the locking mechanism. Generally, our lockers come fitted with a cam lock on each compartment door but this might not be ideal for your place of work. This can be upgraded to a simple hasp and staple for use with a padlock. To avoid the need for a key completely we offer programmable combination locks. Alternatively to this, select a coin return or retain upgrade which requires a coin to use the compartment.

In addition to these locks you can also upgrade with sloping tops. These prevent users from leaving anything on top of the lockers. This avoids items being left behind or falling off and injuring a passer-by. We can also offer stands to raise the units off the ground allowing you to keep floors clean and master keys to ensure that you can always gain access even if the individual compartment keys are lost.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch and we’ll find the perfect product for you. Start a live chat or give us a call to get straight through to one of our sales team. We’re happy to help.