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Lockers will benefit your business and provide a perk for employees. They are attractive and robust, giving each user their own compartment to securely store personal belongings, clothing, and equipment. As lockers specialists, we only provide quality manufactured storage solutions. We make sure that each locker you buy online from us is of high standard and suitable for demanding business and commercial environments.

You'll find that our lockers category features a wider range of products than most our of competitors.

We have suitable lockers for personal storage, no matter the industry, sector or environment. If you need lockers the next day, for indoors, outdoors, delivered in nests or as single units, we can provide locker storage to your requirements.

You'll find we offer more than just metal lockers. In our extensive collection, we offer steel, aluminium, solid grade laminate and plastic lockers too. You will also discover different locking options that help enhance usability and security.

Need a hand figuring out how many compartments you'll need? Perhaps you'd like someone to handle the installation? Well, we offer a Planning and Installation service to all of our locker customers. After all it would be bad manners to gain years of experience and not put it to good use, wouldn't it?

Lockers Information Guide

Let us help you buy lockers. They are a simple yet great way of providing secure personal storage for your staff, customers or guests. They come in columns of doored compartments, in a choice of materials depending on where they will be used. Every user can lock their compartment for security, helping reduce theft and loss in the workplace.

You will always find a locker to suit your needs with the different widths and depths available here. Items generally stored in work lockers are small personal belongings such as backpacks and handbags, wallets, purses and electronic devices. The larger compartment size lockers offer space for bulky items such as motorbike helmets, over coats and work-wear. You'll definitely find we offer a storage locker to suit every requirement.

Popular lockable lockers

Decent security is one of the features most staff lockers require. Our lockers come with a cam (key) lock on each door as standard, and feature optional locking upgrades. Our customers will commonly upgrade the simple key lock to a hasp and staple or swivel catch, which enables a compartment to be secured with a padlock. These locks are best suited when multiple people will use the same locker door at different times throughout the day. You would simply use your own padlock when required.

There are other upgrades that may be more fitting to your requirements. Combination locks come in mechanical and digital versions are useful where keyed locks are not.
The most popular locking upgrade is the coin operated lock. Mainly seen in leisure centres and swimming pools, these coin locks ensure keys don't go a-stray and have the option to return or retain the coin.

No product range is complete without accessories to make life easier, and lockers are no exception to that rule.
The main locker accessory options available are stands, stands with bench seats attached, and sloping tops. We've made these additional items easy to add to your basket while purchasing your new lockers. You can do this from within the product page you are viewing or by clicking on a related product.

Lockers for students and school lockers

Good personal storage space is a must in schools and colleges. School lockers are an ideal way to provide safe and secure storage to children of any age. Secondary school age children will have no problem using any of our standard locker ranges which are more than suitable for daily use. For the smaller pupils in schools we offer reduced height storage lockers. Smaller children won't have to reply on an adult to use their locker and can help promote independence. For those caretakers required to replace broken school lockers quickly, we have a options that we will deliver the very next day! You'll just need to get your order in before the 12pm cut-off time to avoid any disappointment. Therefore they are a high quality and convenient, low cost solution for storage in your school or workplace.

We have made sure all our locker ranges have a tough design. Most lockers we will finish using our special 'Germ Guard' anti-bacterial paint for applications where hygiene is a priority. It's proven to help reduce the risk of spreading e.coli and MRSA. It also means the paint will last the lifetime of the locker due to its active technology characteristics.

Lockers for staff rooms

We make sure our lockers are practical and stylish, and they meet a wide range of staff storage requirements. This could be anything from a need to store personal belongings during shifts to securely charging electrical equipment. You'll find most options for staff have several door and lock combinations to suit almost every work environment.

All of our single and two door lockers come with options for hanging garments. These can vary from range to range so it's best to check the details on the page. Generally, in a single door locker there will be a storage shelf (or hat shelf as it's sometimes referred to), plus a hanging rail and/or hooks. In two door lockers you'll find hanging hooks. These are very handy for hanging uniforms, coats and other items of clothing your staff, customers and guests may need to store.

Can't find what you're looking for? We're more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect product for your needs. Simply start a live chat with one of our lockers team. Alternatively pick up the phone and dial 01922 743833, where one of our sales team is waiting to take your call.

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