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Pallet Trucks

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Pallet Trucks

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Most warehouses and factories require pallets loads of products moving from one place to another. As such an essential piece of equipment, you need your pallet trucks to be solid and reliable.

A pallet truck is essential warehouse equipment

A pallet truck is essentially a basic form of forklift truck. For transporting palletised goods around they are a very cost-effective choice. Depending on who you talk to, you may hear them referred to as a pallet jack, pump truck and hand pallet truck amongst other names.

Regardless of how you refer to your pallet truck, its operational is still the same. Each truck has a manual, leak-proof hydraulic system to make moving pallet loads a breeze. The truck is operated via a tiller like lever that doubles up as a pump handle to raise and lower the truck. When the handle is pumped the forks raise bringing the palletised load off the ground. There's a small lever within the handle that when pulled, releases the hydraulic fluid and causes the forks to lower.

Each hand pallet truck uses two sets of wheels to aid in steering and moving. The tandem wheel option we offer allows easier fork entry when loading up the truck with a pallet.

Quick Pallet Truck Delivery

We have a range of modern pump trucks that are manufactured to high European standards. These are essential to many workplaces so we have made sure we have plenty of stocked pallet jacks ready to deliver to our UK mainland customers quickly with many next day and 3 working day delivery options.

If your trusty and reliable hand pallet truck has broken, our standard pallet truck can be delivered the next working day to keep your products moving.

Moving pallets safely

When operatives are moving pallets around all day, you need to make sure they are being safe and efficient. This is where the strong construction of our TUFF and Pramac pallet trucks really comes in to it's own. With a max load capacity of 2000kg - 3000kg distributed evenly, these are pump trucks for every warehouse.

Operatives should be checking the weight of the load before moving it with the pallet truck. Although 3000kg is more than enough to move most warehouse items, it's best to check the load weight against the trucks capacity and remove the risk of injury. An easy way to check load weight is to use a pallet truck with scales.

These are some of our most popular pallet trucks:

Standard Pallet Truck

Every warehouse needs one of these! They are easy to manoeuvre on polyurethane wheels and nylon rollers, letting you move loads of up to 2200kg. Our standard pump truck comes with Next Day Delivery as standard. Make sure you place your standard pallet jack order before 12pm to guarantee its delivery the next day.

Premium Pallet Truck

The advantage of premium pallet trucks is their load capacity. Whilst standard versions can’t exceed 2200kg, premium versions can take between 2500kg and 3000kg. These hand operated trucks also upgrade to pallet entry rollers which increase control and smoothness as you load up.

Long Pallet Truck

For extra large pallets we recommend the Long Pallet Truck range. These handle with the same ease as our standard pallet trucks with the added benefit of longer forks. There are three lengths to choose from; 1350mm, 1800mm or a long 2000mm length.

Low Profile Pallet Truck

A special purpose range of pallet trucks designed to be compatible with low clearance and disposable pallets, common in containers that have been loaded by conventional forklifts. With a max load capacity of 2000kg UDL, the low profile pallet truck doesn't compromise on performance.

Mini Pallet Truck

If you don't have lots of space, or need a solution that will fit on your delivery vehicle with ease, the Mini pallet jack is for you. Using an ultra portable design, they are ideal for keeping in your van or lorry so you can easily move pallets around at the other end of your journey.

Specialist Pallet Trucks

We have a variety of other pallet jacks to offer here including products equipped with scales and with electric operation. These are more specialist items that are incredibly useful in certain work environments.

If you require more information or are looking to purchase a large quantity of pallet trucks, then start a live chat or give us a call and see what we can do for you.