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Health and Safety Tips – World Day for Safety at Work

Posted on April 28th 2022 by Emily Morgain.
Updated on: April 29th 2022.

Health and Safety Tips for workplace safety

Health and Safety Tips in the Workplace

To raise awareness of World Day for Health and Safety at Work we have put together key tips and recommendations on cost-effective equipment to keep your employees safe at work. Workplace Products are always safeguarding the health and safety of our employees. Promoting and creating a Health and Safety culture in the workplace can reduce the number of work-related deaths and injuries. Certain work safety tips can be followed by all employees, creating a safer work environment for all. The following tips will help mitigate risk on-site:

Health and Safety personal protective equipment for workplace safety, PPE

Health and Safety PPE personal protective equipment storage cabinets Health and Safety PPE personal protective equipment clothing Health and Safety PPE personal protective equipment hard hats Health and Safety PPE personal protective equipment ear defenders Health and Safety PPE personal protective equipment high visibility clothing

Workplace Products provide a range of PPE Equipment for many different types of workplaces:

  • Footwear (disposable overshoes, hardwearing trainers, safety boots)
  • Safety Gloves (PU gloves, criss-cross gloves, grip gloves, nitrile gloves, thermal gloves, anti-cut gloves, drivers gloves)
  • Safety Glasses (polycarbonate glasses, smoke lens glasses, welding goggles, anti-glare glasses, anti-mist goggles, impact goggles)
  • PPE Storage (lockers, cupboards)
  • High Visibility Clothing (vests, rainwear, bomber jackets, waistcoats)
  • Head Protection (hard hats, helmets, visor carriers)
  • Ear Defenders (sparkplugs, overhead defenders)

Health and Safety display screen equipment DSE

     Health and Safety display screen equipment DSE Health and Safety display screen equipment DSE

What is good posture at the office?

To be sitting constantly in a good position is not enough, you need that additional help from using the right workplace equipment. It is vital to invest in the right equipment such as height-adjustable chairs with backrests, a height-adjustable desk (manual or electric), and an external screen or if using a laptop, have a laptop stand.

  • Keep your back straight
  • Avoid rounding your shoulders forward (you should have your screen at eye level)
  • Avoid rounding or arching your lower back
  • Keep shoulders relaxed and back
  • Place your elbows so that they are at an angle of 90-100 degrees with your torso
  • Keep your knees at a height of your hips (once again at an angle of 90-100 degrees)
  • Leave feet resting on the floor, do not cross your legs

Health and Safety COSHH safety equipment

 Health and Safety COSHH safety equipment coshh storage container Health and Safety COSHH safety equipment COSHH storage cabinets Health and Safety COSHH safety equipment sump pallet and spill trays Health and Safety COSHH safety equipment drum handling equipment Health and Safety spill containment management

How do I know if I need to provide COSHH Safety Equipment?

If any employees use chemical substances in the workplace COSHH regulations will always apply. The most common hazard classes are Chemicals, Flammables, Vapours, Fumes, Dust, Mists, Corrosives, Toxins, Irritants, Gases, and Biological Agents. These hazardous substances should always be locked away in a safe place and stored correctly i.e upright with the lid/seal properly attached. Chemicals can be seriously harmful to our bodies if we don’t store them and use them correctly.

Health and Safety hazards

Health and Safety traffic management signage Health and Safety safety barriers Health and Safety safety mirrors Health and Safety safety floor marking Health and Safety safety security padlocks

Barrier systems are an important part of protecting both employees and the general public

Workplace safety has been at our core since 1974. For this reason, we completely understand the importance of health and safety. The vast majority of our safety barriers can act as fencing. This is to segregate people from potential hazards. These include spillages, broken lifts, open manholes in the street, road works, and construction sites.

Floor marking is an important way to help create a visual workplace that has a clear and safe workflow

To do this a variety of paints and hazard tapes can be used to identify different areas for employees and visitors. These often indicate walkways, safe areas, and potentially hazardous places through colour coding. When used correctly, floor markings can reduce confusion, improve site safety and generally improve the efficiency of your workplace.

Safety Mirrors are designed to offer employees and the public a wide-angle view around corners and blind spots to help prevent accidents

We have a wide range of quality industrial mirrors to offer for all kinds of scenarios. This includes both indoor and outdoor mirrors, mirrors that are wall-mounted, and much more. The wide variety of available products is necessary because of the different ways in which these mirrors can be made useful.

Our traffic management signs and ramps are designed to control the flow of traffic, either slowing it down or diverting it

The signs that we offer here are ideal for diverting traffic away from ongoing roadworks and avoiding cars stopping where they should not. These signs are a very familiar sight to all pedestrians and drivers alike, warning them of any potential danger from a safe distance. Rubber Speed ramps like the ones we offer here have a few advantages over traditional cement and tarmac ramps. This includes their consistency meaning that they are all moulded to the same size, leaving no room for error and delivering the same results at all times.

Health and Safety workplace products workplace safety

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