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  • Lockers – What can they be used for?

    The most common use for lockers are for secure storage of items within businesses and schools. They are ideal for providing a safe place for staff, customers, students and visitors to place their belongings where they may be required. However, there are many different ways and locations that lockers can be used to replace typical storage options. Industrial styles became popular in the late 2000’s and remains in style, for homes, offices and hotels. The aim of the industrial style is to achieve a warehouse feel, with large airy, open spaces. Some

  • School Essentials – Lockers


    It’s that time again, schools have broken up for their 6 weeks holiday & it’s a dream to get into work as we don’t have to battle with the school run. But for many schools, it’s time to re-think decor and decide whether to update lockers and cloakroom furniture. As we enter this new school term, it’s important to consider entering 2020 with a whole new vibe. It’s been proven that creating a modern and refreshing environment improves morale, de-stresses pupils and creates a welcoming environment where students feel at ease. Furniture

  • How to raise funds for new School Lockers despite local budget cuts

    How to raise funds for School Lockers

    How to raise enough money to finally update your Changing Room with new School Lockers It is widely known that raising funding to upgrade your school lockers and sports facilities can be difficult. You have a plan but years of local authority cuts wont allow you to get it off the ground. So what do you do? Education Secretary Justine Greening announced on 28th February 2017 that Schools are set to receive £415 million to transform facilities. This will pay for facilities to support physical education, after-school activities and healthy eating. Good

  • Coin Operated Lockers

    Coin Operated Lockers

    This article is about the new £1 coin launched in March 2017. If you’re looking to buy Coin Operated Lockers, go here. What are the benefits of coin operated lockers? What can we do to prepare for the new £1 coin? It’s simple really… What are coin operated lockers? Simply put, they are a set of storage compartments that require a coin to lock them. Sick and tired of keys going missing from your lockers? They help get rid of this common issue for locker owners. Popular with gyms and leisure centres,

  • The Definitive Lockers Buyer’s Guide

    Everyone knows what a locker is. We throw our gym bag in one, we hang our work clothes in one, we keep our mobile phone and keys in one, and the stereotypical geek in an 80’s high school movie gets hilariously locked in one. It’s basically a storage box with a door, but we make them so much more. Many business owners find lockers are convenient and cost effective storage units for employees and the public to use. With the many types of lockers and additional options available to navigate through, we

  • Best Value Lockers for Schools & Public Areas

    Non-combustible Probe steel lockers

    All of our Probe branded lockers have just gone to a whole new level of value for money. How? They are all now Fire Zero tested and certified. This means that every one of our Probe steel lockers are not able to burn; they’re non-combustible. But aren’t all steel lockers pretty much non-combustible? After all, they are manufactured from practically the same raw materials and the powder coating applied are all very similar. So what’s the difference? At the time of writing, only Probe steel products have been able to achieve the

  • 8 Tips For Creating The Perfect Changing Room [Infographic]

    Top 8 Tips for creating The Perfect Changing Room

    The Changing Room is often the space in a building that gets overlooked, even though it can be one of the most essential components to a business or facility. Especially with demand for gyms and fitness centres growing year after year. It’s understandable why changing and locker rooms get the least attention, as after all it’s not the changing rooms that bring in the revenue, they simply support the revenue generating areas of the business. Staff and patrons use changing rooms for many reasons during a work shift or visit to a

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